November 24, 2004

Don't be rude. Please vote today

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I have just been chatting to somebody on MSN who'd said that a couple of his hallmates said what's the point in voting? And I lost my rag and had a go, the extended and tidied version of which is below:

Elections and referenda do affect every single student that ever sets foot in the students union.

The people that are elected will write and implement policy of the students' union. They are the people who will be working and campaigning for improvements to every single members' day to day lives and representing our interests at NUS conferences. They should be elected by ALL students not just by Union Council because not enough people voted.

And the referenda. For goodness sake motion 1 is a vote on whether to make changes to the Union constitution, the very thing by which the Students' Union exists. Without a constitution the Students' Union wouldn't exist….Surely then changes being made to it is issue that deserves every single student's consideration?

Look at the motions and the supporting documentation and decide whether to vote for, against or abstain. (If you don't understand the issues or don't have any opinion either way then that's no problem, you have the right to abstain, this will still count toward quorum.)

However to not vote at all and leave elections and refernda inquorate is just plain f*cking rude to the people who work hard to make the Union work for everybody

And apparently one of the non-voters read what'd I said and voted. And I felt pleased so I blogged this blog, you never know it might work on somebody else. If you don't cast some sort of vote you're just plain rude. VOTE TODAY

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  1. I voted yesterday is that ok? :)

    25 Nov 2004, 02:12

  2. We could maybe do a parody of P.Diddy's "Vote or Die" campaign for the next round of elections? If we get LARPS involved, they could 'kill' people in the Piazza who haven't voted.

    Or not.

    25 Nov 2004, 02:28

  3. Colin Paterson

    i bet if you had a motion to start charging for Top B running alongside the other referenda then you'd get people in halls to vote.

    26 Nov 2004, 10:22

  4. Spring Referenda

    Polling is open from 9am Tuesday until 9pm Friday (9th Week of Term)

    Vote For Motion 5: Paper Voting Option

    24 Feb 2005, 14:04

  5. Motion 6: Publishing Sabbatical Expenses

    If you want the Sabbs to be ore accountable to students then:
    Vote for this motion

    24 Feb 2005, 14:05

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