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Lets see, I’m a final year economics student, I’m failing drastically, and to be honest I’m not all that interested in economics at all. It has in fact completely failed to inspire me in any way shape or form since I’ve been at uni.

Not that I regret being at Uni, there’s plenty of stuff I enjoy. I was the elections group chair until January, which was taking over my life so I quite, only to come back and be co-opted as an executive officer for the rest of the year. I’m also social sec for the mixed hockey club, which takes up most of Sunday and invariably leaves me hungover on a Monday. All that is on to of all the cool people I’ve met whilst at Uni.

I’m also an avid Bristol City fan, I travel back for home games and occasionally make away games.

To earn money I deliver pizzas, which is a surprisingly well paid job.

I have no idea what I intend when I leave Uni, I might think about it when I know what degree I’ve got! I will go travelling to start with I think. I’ve written a lot more than I expected. I hope by writing this there will suddenly appear a magic button which will allow me to post, because at the moment I can’t see one…and to be honest a blog with out a blog button is for the most part, pointless.