March 18, 2005


Make sure you take a look at the Medea Gallery – there are some pics there of work in progress and one of the finished pieces.

And a bit more.

10th March

Was in at 9am – I got mocked for being keen. It was the day before and we just weren’t finished..!!

Managed to finish all and everything today. Phew.

We managed collaboratively to paint, stick, suspend and present the pieces all before 3pm. Good effort. The pieces, now finalised and completely painted look quite effective – and back to back, splitting the room into two, looks really good. The divide actually is really effective; especially the way in which the circular motif carries on from one painting to the next.

We had a bit of fun with the spray paint; etching insulting words in BIG black letters across the canvases such as BASTARD and ILLICIT. Mmm…

I think we were relatively pleased with the final outcomes. The second one, anit-male, actually turned out more effective than the anti-female one. We had doubts about this initially. I reckon it was cause we were more confident by the time the second one came to light. I was glad that we got the chance to do this as by this time everyone was more confident in working together. So, in essence, the females tomorrow will get a better experience than the males..?! Ironic.

We spent a couple of hours in the afternoon hanging the pieces from the ceiling; which looked awesome having them suspended in the air. I reckon by the time everything else is added it will be quite an effective image.

All in one… sorry

*Feb 17th, Medea Project

Medea vs Jason*

The workshop focused around many aspects of Greek theatre – one of the main stimuli being the relevance of Greek tragedy within contemporary society. We analysed this in comparison to tragic events such as that of Beslan, and other acts of terror. We discussed how this takes effect upon us and how we react emotively to such events.

The main, and defining action of the day took place now. An argument was formulated between two opposing views on Medea, as to whether one sypathises with Medea or Jason by the end of the play. There were many ideas being thrown across the room, then returned with the same force. Many of the ideas admitedly were a bit… bullshitty… (excuse the language) however, some good came out of the rubbish and two viable and constructive arguments were formulated. I’m not sure if the arguments were in favour of their figure, or aimed more against the opposing figure – but then again, does it matter? I suspect not.

The strongest argument we came up with was how Medea comes across as calculating and spiteful. Really, taking into account today’s society, there is really no excuse for killing your children.

The other group argued that Medea had reason to kill her kids, because of what she gave up all in the name of love for Jason. But I am not convinced by this as everyone has freewill, whether you live in Ancient Greece or 21st Century western world.

The groups, now defined, were instructed to develop a piece of theatre centred around the stimulus of Sophocles’ Medea. Film and different media was immediately introduced into discussion; something that everyone felt quite optimistic about.

I suggested the idea of more of an installation-type piece of theatre, something that everyone could inject their own ideas into with different sections and all very diverse ideas. I particularly wanted to work on something visual – either be it a piece of art or an installation of actors.

An hour was then spent gathering material for the various different fields that we wanted to work in. I decided to research modern Medea productions so as to get a general view over the different ways it could be interpreted within modern day society.

Further discussions revealed what everyone wanted to do and how they wanted to work. I decided to pursue the idea of a visual piece and said that I would head up a collage-type construction.

24th Feb

After another discussion day following the initial day, it was developed by the majority that we should pursue the idea of working, for now, in sub-groups. This would make the installation more diverse with different sections and products to consider, whilst easing the tension of working as a mass group.

At this point we found our budget – £175…oh yes. The funny thing is that the collage group will use most of this. After we found this out an immediate trip to Homebase was called for: we bought practically everything we needed on the list composed from our plan.

We settled on colours such as Reds, Browns, Greens, Yellows, Umbers, Oranges and also pale ones (basically all of the above mixed with white). We hoped that these will give the effect we are pursuing as they touch on the ‘old’ look – especially when you make a connection between the historical studies we conducted of the Roman and Greek vase pots in SST1. The themes and colours were used as an impetus in our stimulus.

Within the hour of returning from our little ‘you can do it if you…’-trip, we had hammered it (excuse the pun) and had achieved quite an amount: putting together and assembling a canvas. Not only that, but we managed to get a sketch out onto the canvas as well. Awesome.

Quite a productive day I feel.

(I am not taking pictures at this point because it does look a bit crap at present and there is really very little to see, ignoring the fact that I forgot my camera ahem).

*25th FEB


We realised by the size of the canvas, we had a * load of research to do if we were to stand any chance of remotely claiming that this piece was a collage. We wanted to cover a lot of it in newspaper cuttings and pictures representing and hinting towards the fact that Medea is a bitch. To do this we needed to sifer through mounds and mounds of newspapers. Fun.

The thing is (and I will sound like a twat here), to find abusive language and derogatory headlines, looking in The Times and The Guardian is a bit pointless:

This meant buying The Sun, The Daily Star and yes, I am so sorry… Heat.

I spent the afternoon (enjoying) ripping-up newspapers and collating piles of headlines against violent women.

27th Feb

I just heard about Hannah’s interrogation over a mass-crowd-facing-conference-call. She sounded a bit shell-shocked. Poor girl.

The idea sounds like it will work, even though we weren’t there to contribute into it. It basically takes the form of splitting the room into half and having one side focusing on anti-male and the other on anti-female (i.e. anti-Jason and anti-Medea). In the piece of theatre, the males will be sent onto the side of the room that is anti-female and the females, vice versa. Although, I am not sure how well dividing the room into males and females will work… or dividing the room at all?

I think it’ll be a case of trying it out when things are moving a bit more quickly?

We have to now change our research strategy which isn’t such a huge task. Most of the clippings I have so far can slot into the change of direction in some way.

*3rd March

One word that springs to mind is… DARK*

Painting in the dark is a bit of fun. Joyous infact. I think I might try it properly one day and see what happens. Might try painting a still life or something… but might not be able to see it? Umm…

Because of the dark… and I blame the dark… we made quite a mess. Jeans, cameras, floors, t-shirts – everything was in the line of destruction. Oops. Not quite so much of a productive day however, some progress was made. Even if it is a mess.

October 22, 2004


Just a test… not sure if there'll ever be anything else added!?

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