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May 29, 2008

Final Report

Below is a link to the final report, which I was required to submit by the 24th April for the Third Year Project module. It is approximately 17-18 thousand words in length and details the research, design and implementation of the Notate system alongside evaluations of the progress.

Final Report

Most of all, it explains why not all of the original objectives of the project have been completed. The current implementation of the system is still available online at

December 06, 2007

Progress Report

This document details the progress made over the course of the last term, evaluates the progress and project management and revises the development schedule for the next two terms:

Progress Report

Following is the new project timetable, as extracted from the progress report:


November 23, 2007

Version 1 Supported Symbols – Official List

Although it has been implicit in my mind what symbols will be supported by Notate 1.0, it has become necessary to produce an explicit list of symbols that the system will use. Graphics for these symbols will need to be obtained. It is looking increasingly likely that I will need to draw these symbols myself.

Supported Symbols

It is useful to view this document alongside the UNICODE 5 chart of musical symbols, available here.

October 25, 2007

Conclusion on Specification Change

Proposed Change

In short, I was considering expanding the Aim of the system. Instead of only being a score editor/creator, the system would aim to be an entire web-community where users have profiles (and can view each other's profiles). Each user would be able to upload (or create with the editor) their scores and view, comment on and perhaps edit (or suggest modifications to) each other's scores. The proposal in more detail, along with advantages and disadvantages of adopting it may be found in this document:



I have decided not to adopt the change of aim, for the simple reason that it would not lead anything that would be a better choice of project for the module itself. As advised by my supervisor, it would involve a lot of extra programming and usability issues, without adding much more of a challenge. It would be significantly more work, but not worth a great deal more in terms of assessment.

It is, however, worth considering as the eventual aim of the project, at the very least suggesting that the finished system could be further expanded to become a full web-community based around musical scores.

It may also be worth considering allowing users to edit each other's scores in the system anyway. It will be useful and will lead to some interesting situations of version control and permissions on the scores at the very least.

October 15, 2007

Specification Submission

Last thursday I submitted the first version of the specification for this project, in accordance with this module's first deadline. The document itself may be found here:

Project Specification (as originally submitted).

This specification is expected to change significantly, several times, over the course of the project, particularly in terms of the project timeline. Elements of the timetable will change as the requirements of the Notate application are finalised and, as the tasks themselves are greater understood, it may become apparent that more time will need to be scheduled on specific activities that I am currently overlooking or underestimating. All future versions of the timetable will be made available on this page.

The initial project schedule may be found within the specification document, or a seperate version may be found here:


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