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March 10, 2008

Project Presentation

10/03/2008 - Term 2, Week 10 (Start of)

In about twenty minutes I'll be giving a presentation about the Notate project, what it set out to do and where it has got to so far. My slides are available here

Current State of the Project

At this stage, I have partially implemented both sides of the system and the JavaScript system in particular has been prepared to demonstrate what it is currently capable of. It is capable of positioning note-heads, accidentals, stems,  dots in chords, and chords in measures. It also spaces chords in relation with each other regarding number of beats contributed to the bar and restricts chords being displayed that are over the no. beats available in the bar. A demonstration version of the system is available, as always, at

Future Plan

Due to the several unforeseen challenges that have emerged over the course of the implementation of this project, progress is rather behind what was specified even in the progress report timetable (timetable_02.pdf). Time is running out and I have to start to focus my work on completing the testing, documentation and the report due in for the start of next term.

I will continue to code the JavaScript system - in an attempt to make it usable (add the ability to save/load MusiXML and a better user-interface) but I will not continue coding beyond a week today. So coding will cease on Monday 17th March. I will then work on the report for the remainder of the Easter vacation.

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