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January 22, 2008

Domain name up

The Notate system now has a registered, working domain name:

which, for the moment, just contains a placeholder webpage. Most of my time this last week was familiarising myself with the dreamhost server (on which the system is being hosted) and setting it up to run a Ruby on Rails application.

January 15, 2008

Back to work!

15/01/2008 - Term 2, Week 2 (start of)

(Merry Christmas, Happy new year)

Current Progress State

As intended, no formal progress has been made over the Christmas break, so there is little to add to the previous entry.  The system has essentially been designed, and now needs to be implemented.


From here on in, I do not think I will find it helpful to split the work that needs to be done into weekly tasks, as I just need to code and test the system. Work over the next term will focus on first coding the server-side Ruby on Rails system, and then coding the javascript editor system, and then testing both. I intend for the coding work to be completed by approximately week 8, around when the system will be demonstrated as part of a presentation.

The overall timeline for the remainder of the project (as in the progress report) may be found here:


Future reports

These weekly progress reports will continue, and will summarise how far the implementation has come as the term continues. As part of this process, if I find that I need to clarify or redesign a portion of the system, details will be given in full at the time.

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