October 15, 2007

Week 3 Report

15/10/2007 - Term 1, Week 3 (Start of)

Current Project State 

Following the completion of the specification, I now begin the Analysis phase of the project. According to the specification this will involve the following tasks:

  • Clarification of what the system should do by carrying-out a requirements analysis or a use-case analysis.
  • Research possible development tools, decide on what to use and then familiarise myself with them in preparation for the design and implementation of the system.
  • Give some thought to how the graphics that will be needed for the system (especially musical symbols) will be obtained. Look into possible solutions (e.g. creating them from scratch, paying for an existing set, paying someone else to create them)

It has also been suggested by my supervisor that putting some work into creating early prototypes would be a good idea.

First of all, however, I will need to set up the SVN system that will be used throughout the course of the whole project. It will be necessary to complete this first so all documentation and code resulting from the next two weeks may be stored in this repository.

According to the current schedule I have 2 weeks to complete this phase of development.

Week 3 Tasks
  1. Set up SVN repository
  2. Decide on and begin appropriate analysis: Requirements Analysis and/or Use-Case Analysis
  3. Start building a simple prototype of the intended music score editor in Javascript
Week 3 Working Schedule

Tuesday 0900-1200 3hrs
Wednesday 1300-1700 4hrs
Thursday 1000-1300
Friday -
Saturday 1000-1400

Total number of working hours planned:  14 hours

Further Comments
  • The working schedule above overestimates how long each task will take to be completed and probably overestimates how many hours I will realistically be able to give. I have scheduled things this way out of uncertainty in my own time estimation abilities and to make sure that the work I have set out to do will be completed. As the weeks progress my hope is that I will become better experienced in estimating how long I will take to complete tasks. This should make my own work schedules easier to follow.
  • Monday is not included in this schedule, as it was the day on which I set up this development blog and planned my work for the rest of the week. In general Monday will be the day on which I evaluate the work completed over the previous week and set out what work I intend to do over the next week. In the future it should not take so much time to complete these progress reports.

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