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November 23, 2007

Musical Notation Standards

While considering exactly how Notate would display its sheet music, I found the following article on JSTOR:

Title:               Standard Music Engraving Practice
Author(s):           Arnold Broido
Source:              Music Educators Journal, Vol. 52, No. 4. (Feb. - Mar.,
                    1966), pp. 52-56+213.
Stable URL:

This article details what is considered to be the standard in engraving practice.

It would be good for the system to follow these standards.

Version 1 Supported Symbols – Official List

Although it has been implicit in my mind what symbols will be supported by Notate 1.0, it has become necessary to produce an explicit list of symbols that the system will use. Graphics for these symbols will need to be obtained. It is looking increasingly likely that I will need to draw these symbols myself.

Supported Symbols

It is useful to view this document alongside the UNICODE 5 chart of musical symbols, available here.

Week 8 Report

23/11/2007 - Term 1, Week 8 (end of)

Change from timetable

In the timetable provided for this term's work, the progress report is scheduled to be submitted to the university on Monday of week 10. This was a mistake (caused by an error on the module website at that time). The progress report is, in fact, due in Monday of week 9 (at the time of writing - three days to go).


Work has been done on designing the system and finalising design documentation in preparation for the progress report due in next week.

Project State

Currently, all my time is being spent on catching up with design documentation and writing a progress report that is due in for midday on Monday (26th November 2007). This progress report will mark the end of the design phase of development.

This report will detail where progress has differed from what was predicted over the last term and will present a revised timetable for the remainder of development time.

Week 8 Tasks

Complete and submit progress report.

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