October 15, 2007


This page is the development blog for the third year project: "An interactive web-application for music notation". This project is the development of a web-application that will be capable of allowing user to interactively create their own sheet-music online. It will also act as a manager for all of the music that a user has previously created and has saved on the server. At the time of writing this entry it has yet to be decided what will be used to create the application, but tools such as Javascript and Ruby on Rails are being considered. At the moment the working title of the application is Notate.

This Blog

The intention for this page is for it to be regularly updated with weekly entries that will evaluate the work done over the last week and detail what work is intended for each upcoming week. There will also be entries marking significant decisions and changes in the development of the project. Furthermore, any documentation produced will be uploaded to this blog and linked to in an entry.

It will always be possible to see the most up-to-date version of the overall project timetable here, along with all previous versions. All entries that include information relating to timetable updates will be tagged 'Project-Timetable'.

Useful Details

Project supervisor: Sara Kalvala 

Weekly supervisor meetings: 14:00 Thursdays in CS309

University of Warwick homepage: link

Module webpage: link

Module organiser: Steve Matthews

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