May 28, 2005

How to survive in real life, part 2

'Gangstar Hide died the day before yesterday. He remained one day until his 60'th birthday. When he dived into the sea to pick up shellfishes, his life rope disturved him to swim up to the boat. His girlfriend waited him in the boat for a long time, but she never saw him after his diving. The police officer investegated either accident or murder. In the end, his death was dealt with as an accident. He killed Ai's (Makoto's mother) lovely dog because Hide got angry and thretened to her when her dog bawed with joy to see her. Bawing was just dog's joy, but Hide's anger was never ending. In the end, her dog was taken to the veternary hospital to be poisened with her sadness. If she didn't so, Hide's thretning to her and neighbors would be increased because of his naggish character. Then, Ai died with deep sarrow. His drowning in the deep sea might have been Ai's intension, might have been God's anger to his behavior. Nobody knows, but deep ocean knows his suffer and relief. ''Anybody could live in heaven after the death, even if he was a devil on the earth, wouldn't he?'' Makoto asked Ai who might live with her dog happily.'

May 12, 2005

How to survive in real life, part 2

'Every morning, Makoto plays a music tape for students in order to notice the time of closing school gate. It plays from 8:34 to 8:39 in the morning and the time is when other teachers have a short meeting. In the small audio room, during playing the tape, which plays the high school song three times, he watches the black glass window in front of him, and there, every teachers' movements are mirrored. He saw the man, who wears the black striped tie, having a cup of tea with raising a little finger, a middle aged woman, who has an orange formal suits with black collar, posed as if she is a queen of Elizabeth. Another young tall guy is chatting with a pretty young lady who wears a tight summer dress with pink ribbon in her waist. The man called Mr Bean, because his figure looks like the character of the film 'Mr Bean', is bowing to principal to ask his favour….'Gagagaga, gigigigi, gugugugu, gegegege'....he hear their strange sound from another world, as if it's the small world named 'Zoo'. Only four minutes tells him what school has, who lives there. Listening to music, watching the clock, Makoto turn on the music tape at 8:35, then turn it off at 8:39, with watching the big black screen that makes him fun.'

May 05, 2005

How to survive in real life, part 2

Makoto lives in the small world called school village. Mr president is tiny figure, but well organised. Vice president, Mr S looks like badger, and the most conservative in school. He is wearing black suits and tie, even in summer. Mr H is another vice president whose way of speaking seems one of the royal family. Math teacher, Mr I is the member of the smallest eaters' club. That is to say, human being doesn't need to eat a lot, and the smallest eating makes him/her body healthier. Then he eats a meal once a day without cooking. It means he eats fresh carrots or potatos like animal…according to his policy. And at the end of the day, he believes he could become the priest who has a super power. The single middle aged beauty, Ms T still dreams the happy marriage with a thin guy. Another middle aged math teacher, Ms W is talking about her young boyfriend with excitement. One retired teacher who was employed again for one year tried to keep his own room at the corner in the hall. He brought the stereo and computer from the audio-visual room and also brought a mini cooker from cooking room, as a result his plan was failed because of the opposition of other teachers…This is the small world called school village, and Makoto is the new member in this strange society.

May 01, 2005

How to survive in real world, part 2

'Hey, teacher, why don't you speak Japanese? You are Japanese, aren't you?' When Makoto spoke English in his English class, one girl shouted to him with irritating. 'I can't understand what you say, if you speak English. Speak Japanese for us.' He embarassed to hear her saying because he knew it was difficult situation for him to speak English in class. Of cource English teacher must speak English in class, but among the Japanese students, even if he forces them to speak English, 50 minutes later, it means, after finishing the class, they will completely forget what they learn. One lesson has 50 minutes, and three times a week. If there are some events in school, such as sports day or performance day, only once a week is available in English class. In such circumstances, he tries to encourage the students to speak English. But They know how the situation is unreal and unnatural. They are interested in speaking English because American films or musics make them exciting and fun. On the other hand, they don't have any chance to speak English in their real life. English will look like another creature for them which lives in another world. Like a baseball player who swings in the air, Makoto felt loneliness and emptiness in his class.

April 23, 2005

How to survive in real life

'Dear Readers.
I came back to home country, and started working as English teacher in high school. When I lived in UK, I usually thought about how to survive there in real life. I escaped in the toilet many times to make me relieved. My small flat or the river bank with duck's quack was the only peaceful home to me for a while. I missed Mother, sons, and missed any things which related with my home country, such as cherry blossoms, TV programmes, food and smell from the ocean…I had two main issues which survived in UK. They were language and money: Language barrier gave me so much frustration which might change my character, such as, one day, I was aggressive, another day, I was depressed. Then, money…Money was the another issue which made me suffered in survival. The solution about financial problem was clear, that is, working and not spending. As you know, if you walk in home country, neighbours, coleagues, or friends notice you as the member of the society, such as doctor, teacher, dentist, etc. That's why you might do your behaiviour carefully, for example, how you look like. But when I lived in UK, I was only a student who wanted to acqire the English competence well. Nobody knew me what I was, where I came. If I picked the penny from the pavement, if I wore a shirt for a couple of weeks without washing, anybody didn't care about my behaviour because we were only a students. The standard level of life wasn't high at all, but I was satisfied with my life eventually, because I have a free time whatever I wanted. If I wanted reading, I could continue reading all day. If I would like to write, I could think and continue writing for a week. If I wanted to work, I could continue working 20 hours a week without break. All of them were my choice, that why I loved my life eventually. When I started writing this story, it was the time when the dearest mother died. Through the story, I talked with her at any time and any places. When she was in the heaven, when she was near my place, I imagined her smile and saying. Then, I came back to my home country, though my heart was still remained in UK because all of my memories were so beautiful. When I met Father, sons and saw their relieved smile, I thought it was the correct decision to come back…Recently, I think about my mother many times, she used to say to me, 'Love is…to make somebody alive'. She made me alive, she made her husband alive, then, getting tired, she made herself released. That is, somebody needs to challenge their adventure or dream with somebody's help, on the other hand, somebody has to support to make him/her alive with love. Maybe, maybe, it's my turn….Rumiko'

April 08, 2005

How to survive in real life

'Do you know what sort of human lives in public school?'
When Makoto came here for the first time, he thought this issue seriously. The first kind of human is the person who gave up their dream and just survived in ordinary life, it means their happiness is talking with friends with beer or doing short trip by dmestic airline. 'I found a nice noodle shop near my house, New supermarket is near the police station.' They can find a happy things in daily life. That's why they come and leave school on time. The next is the person who worked very hard to organize their work system. Mostly, they are single and they believe their occupation is the mission which god gave. They worked early in the morning till late at night, even on Saturday and Sunday. The third group is the people who think to have chosen a wrong way. It means they think if they had a chance to quit their job, it would be a marvellous situation for them to escape their boring life.' 'Well, which side is my situation?' he thought while he was teaching.

April 03, 2005

How to survive in real life

Makoto has started working as substitute teacher in public high school. He have to work from 8:30am to 7:30pm every day (from 8:30 to 5:30 is normal system), moreover, unfamiliar circumstances and new year's preperation made him an awful situation that he had no holiday for two weeks.

March 31, 2005

How to survive in real life

Mam told me that the world has a holy order which people have to follow…
'The first is the order that older man should die before younger one will die. For example, if the son died before his father did, we would call him undutifulness to his father.
The second is the one of happy life between child and his parents. It means the priority is the child's happiness among the family, and if only one glass of water was remained when mother and child lost their way in the desert, she would give it to her child for his happiness and survive, even if she would die there. Another example is that most parents don't care how hard they work, and how painful their back is for their hard work, because the success in their child's career with parents' financial support or making their child famous is their pleasure and pride. So, that happiness produces parents' motivation and full of energy to work, then, it's their happiness as well.
The third is the order between man and woman. Though you will have an opposite opinion against me, I still believe that the world has an order between man and woman. For example, woman will follow the man when the couple walk together. Another example, man starts eating firstly, before his wife eats. And general speaking, the happy situation between the couple is that man would pass away with his wife's care.
This is the order in the way of happy life. I'm not sure if you agree or not, but this order continued thousands years in my village, and I felt happy in my life following this order…'
From Makoto's diary

March 26, 2005

How to survive in real world

'I'll bring a bundle of pansies, violets, daisies and dandelions.
I'll bring a bascket of blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries.
Today is your birthday.
Today is your happiest day,
And we met together the special time that was the celebrated day.

Are you happy enough to love yourself?
Are you healthy enough to appetite?
Do you still believe god inside your mind?

When the strong wind is roaring outside, I fear how much your heart is frozen. If I were the eagle with two big wings, I would wrap you in my warm wings.
On the day of the heavy snow, I would cover you, changing me into a white bear.
In the heated summer, desert island, my figure would change to cool moisture in order to give you a fresh air.

I can do for you whatever you want.
I can go for you wherever you want.
I love you how much I can't say.

To be sad, I'm not with you…I can't hear your voice, can't see your smile, can't tell you how much I love you.
Today is your birthday, so..I'll become a east wind from east side in order to kiss your cheek.

From Ai to lovely son.'

March 25, 2005

How to survive in real life

'Greedy, creepy, weepy lady.
lived in the
tricky, sticky, picky house.

Funny, sunny, mummy face,
was jumping around
muddy, bloody, greasy space.

Then, greedy, creepy, weepy lady,
funny, sunny, mummy face,
in the muddy, bloody, greasy space.'

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