November 22, 2004

A poem by me

I am a fly, with a compound eye,
why, oh why?
now I die!

November 05, 2004

Housemates that don't come home!

What really does happen on those evenings your housemates just vanish until the following afternoon?

It all starts at about 6 o'clock when you bid farewell to your housemate as they take themselves off to the bus stop for an apparently ordinary evening. Then at about 1am you receive a text message that simply reads,

'Hey, won't be back tonight!'

That's when it starts! The unbearable curiosity! What exactly has happened to warrent such a statement?

As far as you were aware they just went to a meeting or for a quiet drink with a mate they hadn't seen for a while. So why now do they not need to come home? I personally find this very frustrating, I have to know because whatever the reason is, it must be good! Then, if the evenings agonising theory constructing and the following mornings painful wait for them to return wasn't bad enough, all you get from them is cheeky smile and a comment like,

'was a pretty cool night thanks'

It's not fair! I want to know!

Of course we do it ourselves but that doesn't mean they shouldn't tell us.

October 31, 2004


This is just a test!

Its only purpose is to be, so as to reasure me that all is well and I need not panic!

Nothing more, nothing less!

What a pitiful existance!

This is the end of the test – normal service will resume shortly….

October 27, 2004

The most interesting physics lecture EVER!

The other day I was sitting in my Quantum Physics lecture when the following sentance appeared on the OHP….

"electrons with larger l values penetrate less deeply into the more attractive unscreened inner region of the atom"

….needless to say this was one of the most enjoyable lectures EVER!


There are a lot of questions in this world that begin with why?
I intend to list at least 0.00034% of them!

1. Why do birds suddenly appear?
2. Why do clowns need all that make-up, what are they hiding?
3. Why do things die when you jump on them lots?
4. Why am I doing this?
5. Why does a stagecoach bus never arrive within 10 mins?
6. Why are there so many questions?
7. Why do the guys outside Buckingham Palace have to wear those big furry hats?
8. Why oh why?
9. Why did you do that, it hurts?
10. Why do you never see a monkey in the wild eating a banana?

Answers on a stamped addressed envelope!

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