October 04, 2004


?ad luck!

there is something wrong with my key?oard!!
i can type in a?cdefghij~, ?ut i just can't type in ? , the second letter of the alpha?et.

my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!who can help me!!!

October 03, 2004

my blog

my blog is really boring.:)
but that's the way i choose it to be.
just write down the things happened, and never think too much.

October 02, 2004

the first weekend

I went to birmingham with other 3 chinese guys today, that crowd city is a bit like shanghai, there are so many people in the shopping mall.
and it's one of my flatmates' birthday today,so there was a party in the kitchen! what a pity that i didn't take part in the birthday party.
anyway,happy birthday to him.

October 01, 2004


study hard from now on~cherish the first and last year in warwick.

September 30, 2004

another bad day for me

Follow-up to the 3th day in warwick from Ning's blog

who can help me with my english

my english is so poor that it's hard for me to communicate well with the friends in the same flat. I have nothing to say in the kitchen because I totally don't understand what are other guys talking about!!that really makes me upset.

i do want to have a friend whose native language is english.

September 29, 2004

the 3th day in warwick

nothing special!!

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