February 24, 2006

a short story

?Where is it? Where is it?? I shouted desperately, walking alone in the street. The streetlamps also stood there lonely with poor light.

?Who can tell me where I am?? I begged.

But, no matter how frightened I was how loudly I shouted, there is no answer! No reply! Yes, there was nobody at all! ?What??s happening? Is anybody here? Where is anybody?? I thought to myself, nervous.

I walked aimlessly around the quiet, dark street. I tried to find someone and just wanted to know where I was! What a pity! ?Why everybody disappeared?? even I went to hotels, restaurant and bars. I just wanted to find people, just one, yes, just one person! That??s enough for me, because I was so scared. It was my first time I lost myself. What was the strangest thing was that I was not sure when I got this place, especially I had no idea where it was and how I got here—-the strange and the dismal place.

But I disliked giving up my hope. I still tried to get the reaction, even if it was not human-being??s response. What? ?What I am thinking? No human-being? Are you mad? You are so crazy!? I was not sure why this mind appeared in my mind! So terrible!

?You are in the Hell!? A low voice came out in a black.

?Oh, thank you, sir!? I smiled with politeness. Suddenly, I though I heard what the secret voice said. ?What? You said what? The Hell?? I could not believe my ears. ?The Hell?? I repeated it. ?Oh, No! No! No! What did you mean? You mean I have been dead??

Looking through the darkness with the help of poor light of the lamps, there was a tall and strong sight of the man??s back. I was not able to believe my eyes! ?Oh! Gosh!? What I had seen? ?is it true?? how ugly the man was! He looked worse than Quasimodo, the figure in Victor Hugo??s The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Especially what made me scared and frightened was his pale, yes, so, rather pale face. I wanted shouted, but I controlled myself. I though it was not polite to do that! ?Come on, what are you thinking now?? another voice in my mind reminded me. ? Is it still the time for you to think of politeness?? But, actually I succeeded in controlling my feeling. I wouldn??t become another Esmeralda.

I knew I could not judge the book with its cover. So in a short time, we became friends. ?Ahhha, I make friends in the Hell??but who knows it??s true or not. Maybe God knows? I have a friend from the Hell! Fantastic!?

?What are you doing, Lady? It??s working time!!!? the voice came first, and then a man pushed the door open! Gosh! It??s my BOSS! I am in office now!!! ?What has happened to me just now? Who can tell me??

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