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April 22, 2012

Does decision depends on decision maker ?


As per my experience uptil now in decision making, or whatever I have studied. It seems that decision making purely depends upon decision maker. Quality of decision maker drives through to decision making. There are various qualities in an individual. One cant judge a person by his single characteristic. And as we know each individual is different from other. So I suppose that decision making is upon the individual how he thinks and what he thinks is right.

Answer to the question decision depends on decision maker is yes from my side as for eg there are certain people who like taking risk and so make decision which involves some risk. Some wants to play safe, hence their decision will be fairly safe which might not have any chance of risk taking. This was just one example but there are various different examples where we can see that quality of individual can be seen in what decision he/she makes.

Do you agree with me ?


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