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June 12, 2012

Value of Knowledge

Knowledge knowledge knowledge..................what is the value of knowledge we talk about ?

Generally speaking we gain knowledge in order to survive. Without having knowledge of any things we cant survive. Things have advanced a lot and world is becoming too small now. This was the aspect of real life or survival, but actually what is the value of knowledge? What do we get from learning new things... Yes the obvious answer would be lot many things. But in theoritical sense we can say that gaining knowledge or learning knowledge helps us to focus on knowledge managment.

Application of knowledge would help you know where to apply it and at what time i.e. getting the right knowledge at right time and at right place. This also helps us to remember what we know. As knowledge can be remembered when we apply it. Hence this would help us to remember it for long years. As in real life it is said, you dont remember without experiencing anything. And after you experience it you never forget.

Creating knowledge in the sense that if you reflect on what you know, we stay good at it or even become better and this would surely be helful to remember as above and for the creation of new knowledge as well as assuring the condition of innovaiton.

So there is much more to it, but basically I would like say that knowledge has the highest value in this small world now.

Challenging Limits (Road to achieve new heights)

As the name suggests: Challenging Limits, means we have to challenge our limits in order to be successful in our life. This was the case in the field of quipment maintenance. Many years has passed and no progress was seen from the first technique i.e. Preventive maintenance. But later it itself challenged the limits as time was changing, hence the new form maintenance prevention and reliabilty engineering came into exitence providing a bit more than previous PM. And what we now refer and also I am working on is TPM which in fact is american style productive maintenance, modified and enhanced to fit the japanese industrial environment. But since the competition has increased now western contries have realised the importance of TPM.

Hence we can say that if our limits are not challenged we cant expect new things. There are four development stages of TPM which starts with Breakdown maintenance, preventive maintenance, productive maintenance, and finally TPM. Hence as time passed it has changed. And now the time to change again, to like that with knowledge managment. Knowingly or unknowingly it is present as TPM needs to maintain records of all the things they do. But now knowingly we need to connect it with knowledge managment which would be like icing on the cake.

Hence it is said that to challenge our own limits we need to learn something new in order to cross it. So now the days have come where assets management have to challenge thier own limits and should integrate with knowledge managment in order to work efficiently in this competitive world.

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