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June 11, 2012

TPM Knowledge management

Total productive maintenance is not just only maintenance it is more than that. I am not selling TPM here, but surely as mentioned in my previous blogs it is something that will change our own habits if we follow it in our working place. But I started taking some of the steps which would help me from now, so that It would be easier for me to implement it in future in my working place or to work on it if required.

So how TPM helps in managing knowledge? It helps in many ways. At the stage of implementation I went through many such tables which is to be maintained while implementing TPM, hence we call it as storing data. Knowingly or unknowingly we maintain our records and this is storing of data. TPM is for continuous improvement, hence proper data collection would let us to know where we need to improve. And during this process top managment would ask employees and would guide them to know what are the areas for improvement. This would lead to knowledge sharing. And after that improvement activies start, and because previous data has been recorded it would be easier to go through it and not to make same mistakes. This is applying knowledge gained. And this process continues as while impoving also we are maintaining records and same process continues. So in general if we are implementing TPM, no other measures needs to be taken. Only thing is top management should have controll on the activities employee perform and should guide them to follow right path.

And in doing this automatically learning would be followed and again this would become routine with employees so this would spread everywhere.

TPM– improving ourselves.

Maintenance is vital for any asset. There are various ways of maintaining it. It might differ for small industries and big industries as it depends upon the work load you put on your machines ar any other asset. Hence Total productive maintenance is a techique via which this processes can be done effectively. TPM incorporates various steps which a company needs to follow in order to implement it sucessfully. There are various advantages of TPM as well as shortcomings. But if we try and focus on our activities than it would be sucessful.

While doing PMA, I went throughTPM implementation process for the first time, I understood that this is not an easy process. It needs proper commitement towards work, proper team work is required and various other things. There are various process if employees follow it perfectly than we can say that, in the process of maintaining thier assets they will also start maintaining themself. As there are several things which we need to follow in order to implement TPM, hence this makes an employee habituated to work properly while keeping their surroundings clean. Hence this will benefit them selves as well. It is not mentioned anywhere in literature but this is my personal experience. After focusing 40 hours on implementation I realised the point of maintenance and started with myself. As to reach to final destination a small step towards it is beneficial. Hence if at all I came across TPM in future, it would be very easy for me to implement.

So I think that TPM is such a technique which helps maintaining things as well as overselves.

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