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May 01, 2012

Organisation learning and Knowledge transfer.

Organisation learning as well as knowledge transfer can be said as the most valuable assets of today's companies. Hence managing that type of assets is an important thing. Organisation learning is an activity which exists in organisation without any effort, as there might be employees who want to learn as well as want to share knowledge. Hence this is vital thing in any organisation. Knowledge shared as well as know should be saved in mind, or to any medium. As knowledge shared and stored will ultimately help when needed.

Hence we can say that any learning which takes place is usefull as well as more importance should be given to store it somewhere. This would actually help us to review that in future. Hence this practice of knowledge sharing as well as storing it will be really helpful. After reading many articles as well as book all have questioned one thing:

are employees willing to share knowledge ?

There are many possible answers to this and mainly it is based on individuals, how they think and what they like.

I personally do share knowledge without any fear. But the main question is why not all do it ??


TPM– a route to world class performance


Total productive maintenance is a world which just raises a question in your mind what is included in "total" ??

It has got mainly three meanings

1) Total effectiveness

2) Total maintenance system

3) Total participation of all employees.

Before starting this module I was not aware about this TPM. It was when I started reading it for doing inmodule work I really felt this is one of the theories or ways a company can achieve continuous improvement. I am really interesed in keeping things tidy and clear as possible. Hence I would rather say that I usually maintain my things well. This led me to interest in this topic TPM. Although it might be talking about how to use this in business, but even that is part of life and our might be our future.

TPM generally takes around 3 years to get an business achive high reslults as mentioned by many authors or practitioner of TPM. Hence this is actually a great tool or way to make a company progressive. There is detailed steps which a business need to perform in order to reach or achieve what they want. Hence proper dedication as well as good support from employees will help them to achieve it.

Hence this is my current interest and would surely like to look forward it in future. If any one likes maintaining or have interest into maintenance should surely look at this once. There might be other techniques as well but my conculsion to it is ,, it would surely be helpful. And I am looking forward to use it to my Brothers business as soon as I complete this course. Please do suggest if any recommendation or alternative.

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