April 20, 2012

Knowledge management is it new ?


After going through KM process or steps where it says:

1) Generate

2) Store

3) Distribute

4) Apply.

I started thinking have I used this before ? But as you all know the answer was yes. We all are into learning process from when we are born. No one knows everything when they were born. Hence we are following this process since we were born, but not realised. A perferct example is School: Day starts with Professor giving lectures on topic and we take notes as well have some reference book. We used to write answers to the question as well as store it. And at the time of exams we used to apply it on paper. But this was uptil an extent.

But as we grow older the situation changes, every thing needs to be taken care off and if we are working(employee)then life gets more hard. Every bit of information needs to be stored as well distributed properly among the other employees to make them apply it properly. So just the level of knowledge has increased but the process is same. So i think is managing knowledge is not new. What do you think ?

April 18, 2012

Blogs a source of storing knowledge


Starting of new module is always exiting, we think that we are moving a step forward from where we were and where we want to reach. This motivates me, thinking about only few modules left and few months left for the master degree. And this journey was actually a mix of learning, fun, hardwork, etc.

This means that we all are capable of learning new things as well as adopting new atmosphere as time passes. And obvisously this knowledge we gained will be helpful to us throught our life. The same is the case with organisation, they learn different things daily and each moment. The problem is, it is very hard to remember all the things which happens. This is the reason why company should take proper steps to save its knowledge. This is called knowledge management.

Going through the topic of knowledge management is fun, but for this module it seems that taking a few drops of water from the ocean. I think that writing blogs is nothing but a storage place of our learning we did, which we can refer to any time when we need. Actually we are doing it regularly but realised now. This actually helps us, in the same way it has been proven that Knowledge managment helps organisation to move forward.

So continuing this would help me to save or remember what i have learned. It is not that after going from warwick il stop, but i would surely write more as that would be very crucial for me to refer it when needed.

Is every decision Robust ?


After doing a bit research about decision making during the process of writing PMA, i came to conclusion about the decision made.

Is it possible that every decision will be Robust ? I my self think that it is not. There are various cases where I have thought that the decision I have taken will be robust, but in this world nothing is permanent so it happens that some or the other things changes and my decision goes wrong. There might be some cases when we get it robust but for that there are very rare chances.

So I would like to say that the learning I get from the decision not being robust is also valuable and which can help us to make our decision robust next time. So we should focus on each and every detail and should make our decision instead of thinking that will it be roubust or not. So a detailed work or analysis will lead to great resutls. So this would be my target for future that each decision taken would be sensible and will be taken after proper analysis and it would surely fall under near to robust or robust decision at the end.

April 01, 2012

Completing the Journey !!!


Finally on the verge of completing LE PMA, i would rather say as completing the journey. Learning different types of leadership and getting the knowledege on how to implement it in real case was amazing. It is a fact that we dont know the output yet, but the part of learning was enermous. Everyone can be a leader and we all are here to do it at some point of our life.

Leadership journery is diffenent for different people. Some are in search of anwers to problems, some want to achieve only goals, and some wants to enjoy its full journey until it ends. Hence if our approach is correct to how to go about in journey, then immense knowledge, learning and fun will follow.

But I would change my statement and rather state that: "The Journey has just begun in real sense"

Door is Always open


Going through the Leadership theories and all the leadership stuffs, i have found one similarity amongst them. Each theory talks about the availability of leader. Availibility in the sense that Leaders are always there to solve any problem.

But one thing i am sure that no Leader likes i.e. he/she being contacted every time in order to check the decision. I personally believe that if you force or make your employee to take the decision themselves then only they will become confident as well as effective. The main aim of a leader should be to focus on the employees and to see whether they are soving the right problem, leader should make sure that he/she have selected proper member at proper palce. It takes a long time to solve a typical issuse, but nothing is impossible.

After all this I personally feel that if i would be a leader i would rather make employees to take decision, even though i am aware of the solution. I would rather guide them to right path as being a coach, and try to see the effectiveness of each employee. And i am sure that it would be a good development for the employees if they see this as a positive activity. And coaching them will actually help them to feel that they are the ones who got to the solution and will feel motivated. Hence there is a vital role in shaping employees. As there is a vital role of Parent on moulding a childs behaviour same is with the leader moulding the employees behaviour.

March 28, 2012

A leader Coach ??


Yes.. A leader Coach.. what it means ?

While going through the PMA, i tried to found out the reason why we are given this type of PMA, like coaching a leader... Later reflecting on it i found out few reason why a Leader should be a Leadercoah.

As we know coaching is different then leading. So should a leader be only leader or should be a leadercoach ?

The answer according to me is a Leadercoach. There are various reasons i think that proves that a leader should be a leadercoach. Coaching is not just for coaches. Everone can practice this in his/her life time. A effective leader is the one who tries to get every possible thing from its team. As we all know a leader generally cannot follow one leadership style and as well as he/she needs to give formal feedback, informal feedback. He can be a mentor, a coach. The role of coach is to make others think what is right for them and to guide them. So to give a solution or feedback is not coaching.

As we know that effective leaders are the ones who grows leaders. Hence by following this coaching method he/she can be able to motivate an employee saying that all answers of the problems are in themselves and by just helping the employees to think more and employee will think that he/she came to conclusion. Hence a leadercoach can be said as an effective leader. There is lot more to it as it is a wide topic, But what do you think ?

March 26, 2012

Emerging Leaders: Learning to lead


Emerging leader is a very attractive word. We always wait for that person to see. We assume who will be our emerging leader ? or who has capability to be a new leader ?. this can inculde any thing, like country, team, organisation. etc.

Who exaclty are emerging leaders ?

From my point of view uptil now what i have studied in leadership module and books i have read, i got to one thing that emerging leaders are the one who has inner talent, to perform or to prove themself more than what others expect. It is not necessay that if you give good outcome then you can become a leader. Or in simple sense we can say that the best sportperson is not necessarily the best team captain or coach. Ex Sachin Tendulkar.(CRICKET). Emerging leaders are the ones who are self awared of what are they doing. They are clear about how their actions affect other people. etc. So overall the one which can handle the pressure, and can take decision at that time by keeping everone in confidence is a leader according to me.

Some times it happens when a leader personally is not performing good, but he can handle his/her team with great confidence and it results as expected. So can this be called as an effective leader ? As generally emerging leaders gradually as time passes tries to become an effective leader. So can this leader be called as effective leader even though he/she contributes 0 to performance but 100 in handeling the situation.

March 16, 2012

Individual or Group decision ?


Going through my PMA, i was really thinking on the topic whether individual or group decision is good ?

There are some instances where we need to take group decision and there are some where individual are needed. But some books mention that individual will be good, as there will be no problem of contradictory views, or any biases. As individual will be more effective to research data, as well as at the time when he needs to justify his decision to topmanagememt, or to anyone responsible.

But actually i think that group decision are more sensible, as what i think is, without brainstorming or discussing with other members will actually help the decision maker to other members ideas. Hence this will be more beneficial.

So i would prefer group decision and then will handle it personally in order to take the final decision if i am responsible for decision taking. So what do you think Individual or group ?

March 15, 2012

Do leaders focus on Performance ?

Hi all,

Going through my PMA, i found very interesting thing in a book, which stated that There are major four possilbe reasons why most leaders do not focus on Performance. And from it the main i think is the below discussed two

1)The author stated that most of the leader thinks that Performance is like breathing air. And they think that people in the organisation should not be asked to breathe. As it is a natural process. What do u think do all leaders do it ?

As per my view i think that there might be some leaders who focus on the work rather then what are they going to achieve. So from this i got one thing that in future if i am a leader then Getting performnace will be my first target.

2)The second point author stated was, leaders think that perfomance is a natural result of being positive, profssional, and people focued in the right way.

But this is not the case, as people tend to be positive but are not performing, and so on. So from this i learned that dont see the behaviour of the people, see the performance they give. And in that process try to imporve their behaviour if it is not satisfactory.

March 06, 2012

Using tools makes difference ?

I learnt one very good thing which i would like to share.

Since we have discussed upon the tools of decision making, one thing that i came accros is that, whether using tools make difference to the decision we take ?

Some times it happens that we need to take decision on the spot in crucial time, at that time we dont have enough time to use decision tools and take decision based on it. We usually decisde on the basis of our thinking and it works. The other case where we have ample to time and we use decision tools and every possible techique then also it is possible that our decision was not good. And it might be the other way round it turns out to be best decision we have ever taken.

So is it upon our luck ? Is it upon situation ?

I personally feel that decision tools are really helpful in taking decision and so in future i would surely like to use different tools before taking decision and i am sure that if we consider the given data then the decision will be the best one. :) And i think that in the situation where we need to decide on the spot at that time i would get help from previous decisions taken with the help of tools. So using tools will actually benefit us to think and to decide and we can compare what we did before if we cant actually use it at that time.

What do u think ?

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