February 21, 2005


everyone has things,
very idiosyncratic very personal,
but in their existence is defined uniqueness,
every person distinguishable from another.

be it the likeness to sarcasm,
or to mock another being,
there are the depressed,
and them who revitalise,
these all their own private things.

love exists on these,
sometimes mistaken for desire,
lives are led,
and many bled,
in the pursuit of such things,

an experience i describe,
a thing i did follow,
shallow and physical,
all rationality forgotten,
left me broken …... when left me…..still am….

if soul could be defined,
not unearthly not spiritually,
but the guilts and humanity,
the triumphs and sorrows,
of us who possess the reins of such things.

there is me,
there is worse,
there is you,
another curse,
for each have thoughts,
each being the abyss,
for each their thing,
compares to the worst…....


Holding the thought

look out look out,
what do you see?
a little star? a coloured tree?
a life , your life? mine i do,

i see you,
and thats all that matters,
walking down the street,
walking towards me,

and you pass me by,
you don't even look,
but i shine in your path,
a big fat smile just for you,

yes, its the same day after day,
but appreciation is gratifying in itself,
maybe the only true form of affection,
yes thats my opinion, u dont have to agree

empty is what it might seem,
but you miss the point, you miss the heart,
you discard it offhand, and you forget it like you always do,
unfamiliar with the wounds all around you,

but theres no blame,
no desire for retribution,
no, it doesnt work that way,
you have to let it go if the feeling is true,

so once again you start,
where you have started so often,
and once again you build the stage,
of some future ignorance…...

the key is to never give up,
the key is to always hold the thought,
because nothing can ever justify,
that you had the chance and let it by….......


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