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November 30, 2008

What Now? What Next? Are we still willing to be victims of our own Government?

This initiative by IBN,"Tackle Terror" looks impressive, but every time I look at these initiatives, I wish if its the Government taking this sort of initiative and getting people's ideas and suggestions; but i am disappointed at every occasion. I think it should be the Government, who should streamline its activities, crack down on corruption to the lowest level, pay your officers well, so that they dont have to take bribes. I mean the underlying cause to every problem in India is the GOvernment itself. If some one is robbing a house, its because he has been done injustice by the law, which is why he was forced to take that sort of action, and this applies to ll : poverty, corruption, divisive politics. All we ask for is that to uphold the statement and live up to the democracy's sole objective : a country for the people and by the people. We want citizen's rule, and their participation is necessary and of paramount importance, when the average age of an Indian in 24, and we are being ruled by the likes of Manmohan Singh (76), L.K. Advani etc. We demand a transparent and slick government, who stands with the people. After all the terrorist attacks, no one has developed a hatred for the terrorists, we know they are for that only, but we point our finger at our government; there has to be a justified reason for that. Internal Democracy, Mayor elected by the citizens, and Involvement of Youth in decision making processes, are a few things that come to my mind, as solutions for a powerful India.

November 28, 2008

anger frustration after mumbai rampage

Writing about web page

It is indeed lack of leadership, that we see. India is capable of much more that we assume, only if every element of the system is left to its job, and swayed away from dirty politics. That is what we say today, when NSG commandos, risking their lives, for their kins produced by Mother India. Also, we should ask Raj Thakeray, if he checked the race and origin of the NSG guards, and barred them if they were North Indians. It is due to these political parties like MNS and Congress ( Manmohan SIngh - an evident puppet after todays speech), that our country is don to its knees. Jus requires 20 young men in the name of terrorism, and 1 irresponsible ruler such as Manmohan singh to bring a country as big as India down on its knees.

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