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June 04, 2008

Destination or Journey?

We say,  we are successful, but we do not know what the parameters are? We talk about perfection, but we do not know how to define perfection.And yet we go on to judge ourselves and others, and what is the basis of all this? 

If we talk about success, we generally mean how many milestones you have achieved. I hindsight, if we look back at things, how many such milestones have we achieved,  1 2 3 5 10 20 . its countable, but how much time have you spent on going through all this is uncountable - could be years. If you take the example of a mountain climber- he sets for reaching the peak of the mountain, and spend days and nights in tough weather. When he reaches the peak, he looks around, sighs in relief, enjoys the view and prepares for descent. On his way backs, he reflects at the journey, and sees that he spent 15 days climbing to the peak of the mountain, and when he actually reached, he just spent around 2 minutes. Was the whole achievement about 2 minutes, or was it much more than that. He then comes to terms, by saying that he indeed enjoyed the treking bit, felt the thrill and adrenalin flowing through him. This passion and zeal of the trek was the most interesting bit. And in life, when you look back at  all the peaks, that might tell you what u had done, in descriptive terms, but if you want to know, what was it that you had achieved and rejoiced, it would be the whole experience. Its about the journey, and not always, the destination. And in retrospect if you feel that you have not enjoyed the journey, its time to change your goals and head in a way, where  the process, the journey is worth giving a shot. One might say, he graduated on the 24 th of April 2006, but that does not sum up his graduation event. He actually spent 3 years * 365 days * 24 hours, and things  that he did during this period, is what graduation is all about. And we should set on a journey only for the love of it, and not because its the tempting destination point that you are looking at.  We should realize the importance of a jouney, before its too late to realize that we actually kept on chasing destinations, which once formed a part of the dreams, and we achieved it, although failing to live in the current climb - enjoy the journey - make the most out of it. 

"Live the journey, and not in the glory of the destination" 

May 22, 2008


' Life' seems to be a very short word, but in in fact , it encapsulates so many events and happenings. When you say - LIFE, means such a big span of time, but when you live it, time flies ,a making life too short. We tend to forget our past very easily, as if it were just a one-day event, or a momentary thought. At the age of 20, we tend to forget, what small incidents led to our being today, and how those small things have made us different- different from others. Some dont even bother to go back and live those moments, and 'Respect' them. some believe, they would do that someday, but life is too short- 'short when you live it ,a nd not when you say it).  A man cannot always live in the past, but when those things come back in our subconscious mind, we yearn to go back and live them again once. 

I have come a long way. Long way - not by distance but where I used to be, and how things around me have changed. When I look back at things, when I was in my thirteens, I remember  the apartment we used to live in. Living as a joint family, in a small house, was so exciting. Not a single time, was there silence, and air was filled with chatter and televsion noise.. My two elder sisters, they were opposites, and we had assumed that our life was around each other. Now, I live in a bungalow, a huge house, - although it should sound more fun but it isnt - my sisters are married, and i dint realize their absence, until one night after my elder sisters marriage,  when I was not getting sleep and switched on the light to find didi and chat with her, about anything - esp mom's tantrums. They are into their respective lives, and so am I, but this dint seem to me, about 5 years ago.

When i return home, I cannot go into the parking lots, of the apartment, and play cricket, lock and key with my sisters and cousins. I cannot run with food stuffed into my mouth, and i cannot wait to go downstairs and play cricket with my apartment friends. Suddenly, these things make me feel that childhood is oozing of energy and is so vibrant, where as now, life is no more the same.  i feel so tied down,and wish if i could reverse time.

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