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June 08, 2008

Philanthropy ??

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What gift do you expect, when you score a ninety in a board exam? What do your parents promise to give you, if you would attain a first in your degree, or top the school, or come first in the class? A 'Swatch', A Pulsar motorbike, A Personal 'Honda civic'? .. Well its not the story everywhere. 

An 18 year old boy, from a rural village, who does not have any midnight oil to burn, or to even rent books, cracks an IIT exam, and guess what he promises his Mom! HE would buy her a gas stove, and she would not have to burn her eyes everyday, because of the heat of coal. Funny ? Shocking ? Pitty ? . `dont be ! because the reason he said that, was very realistic and most likely to happen. After everything he has proved of his skill, he still find find it difficult for renting books, and does hard labour under some' National Rural Scheme; in India. Shame on us, that he cannot afford the travell expenses to the test centre. 

Its time for us to look at the frivolous expenses that we do everyday, and it could transform some people's lives. We should take on the responsibility to sponsor these children and get them in the mainstream. I hope you share the same opinion. I think its time you should.

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