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May 31, 2007

The evolution of 'I'


I attribute all the credit of what i am today to my school life.This school life taught me what in the world is 'happiness,gave me power to struggle,confidence to move ahead in life and most importantly-self respect,dignity which many people fail to achieve throught their lives.Its not been 2 months even that i have started missing school.those giggles,mishiefs against our surrogate parents-teachers,silly punishments,those adventurous school trips,the tag of office bearers, matrix-05, sports team unity-all these i miss and in my quiet moments i crave for more and more.My heart is still unsatiated....."God please let me live that innocent life once again in my life"..... In school life ,I often boast of Matrix-05....the final verdict.Initially it seemed to be an impossible venture having no definite finishing point but with strong determination, perfection as my objective, and vehement support of the people around me..I led the ship,with the designation of the 'Captain' of the ship. Matrix was a boon in my life since i discarded and got rid of all negative elements surrounding me and landed up in a pure environment. It all happened on the judgement day-'9th october 2005'-the most important day of my life, approached when I proved my worth. My confidence stood on the pillars of my board members efforts. My board members namely-paggy, ishan, abhinav, prernaa, yatish, siddharth, arihant made their mark and Matrix reached its pinnacle.The golden wand-Rahul bhaiya-as i call him- cured all my tensions in my times of depression. Ishan was always there with me in all times supporting me when I fell disheartened .Paggy-whom I can give all credit for the success of matrix,made our dream come true.abhinav and prernaa were always there to make things happen. Abhijeet Sawant's crowd pulling performance,14 odd schools participating, overcrowded auditorium cheering,my seniors appreciating my work,my borad members rejoicing with joy,my juniors applauding-----seeing all theese,my heart tasted a sip of eternal bliss,my life proliferated,my soul was quenched, I lived life on that day;and last but not the lea st, my sole motive to do the fest was fulfilled to its full capacity. On that day,at dawn , I got up and prayed to God not for the success of matrix but for the unification of my board members which would ultimately fulfil the sole purpose. When I stood up at the podium, seeing the masses from there,I recapitulated the time of my X presidents who used to stand on this side and voice their opinions and I sitting in the masses had aspired to come there one day,and the very day had come and it was the DAY to showcase all our hard work and pain . I sincerely thank the three mystic angles-as I would call-paggy,manya,prernaa. Had they not toiled, Matrix would not have reached its best.Thanks frenz.. Thankz God for givin me such wonderful experience in life and for supporting and assisting me through your messengers- my friends !

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