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November 30, 2008

What Now? What Next? Are we still willing to be victims of our own Government?

This initiative by IBN,"Tackle Terror" looks impressive, but every time I look at these initiatives, I wish if its the Government taking this sort of initiative and getting people's ideas and suggestions; but i am disappointed at every occasion. I think it should be the Government, who should streamline its activities, crack down on corruption to the lowest level, pay your officers well, so that they dont have to take bribes. I mean the underlying cause to every problem in India is the GOvernment itself. If some one is robbing a house, its because he has been done injustice by the law, which is why he was forced to take that sort of action, and this applies to ll : poverty, corruption, divisive politics. All we ask for is that to uphold the statement and live up to the democracy's sole objective : a country for the people and by the people. We want citizen's rule, and their participation is necessary and of paramount importance, when the average age of an Indian in 24, and we are being ruled by the likes of Manmohan Singh (76), L.K. Advani etc. We demand a transparent and slick government, who stands with the people. After all the terrorist attacks, no one has developed a hatred for the terrorists, we know they are for that only, but we point our finger at our government; there has to be a justified reason for that. Internal Democracy, Mayor elected by the citizens, and Involvement of Youth in decision making processes, are a few things that come to my mind, as solutions for a powerful India.

June 08, 2008

Philanthropy ??

Writing about web page

What gift do you expect, when you score a ninety in a board exam? What do your parents promise to give you, if you would attain a first in your degree, or top the school, or come first in the class? A 'Swatch', A Pulsar motorbike, A Personal 'Honda civic'? .. Well its not the story everywhere. 

An 18 year old boy, from a rural village, who does not have any midnight oil to burn, or to even rent books, cracks an IIT exam, and guess what he promises his Mom! HE would buy her a gas stove, and she would not have to burn her eyes everyday, because of the heat of coal. Funny ? Shocking ? Pitty ? . `dont be ! because the reason he said that, was very realistic and most likely to happen. After everything he has proved of his skill, he still find find it difficult for renting books, and does hard labour under some' National Rural Scheme; in India. Shame on us, that he cannot afford the travell expenses to the test centre. 

Its time for us to look at the frivolous expenses that we do everyday, and it could transform some people's lives. We should take on the responsibility to sponsor these children and get them in the mainstream. I hope you share the same opinion. I think its time you should.

October 14, 2007

The problem with india

In today' s world, the buzz word in evry industry is " outsourcing".India, previously known to be a third world country, does not figure out any close to the previous reputation. No one dares to term INDIA  as a third world country, because the West knows that whatever they are wearing and consuming everyday has a "made in India" or perhaps a " made in China" tag  attached to it. The West people have also remembered India as the place where 'technology " comes from. Apparently, Indian accents were alien to the world and whenever an Indian tried to put his thoughts across the other person's mind, the person concluded he was speaking some language that was no where near to English; the same accent in heard everytime you dial a customer care service of any bank or electronic company. Gradually, India is building its image, as a centre for call centres. 

A decade ago, noone in their wildest of dreams did think that an Indian company, can actually break the barriers  of its sluggish economy and the restrictive government policies and unneccessary intervention, cross the national boundaries and go GLOBAL.Last year, TATA acquired Corus and became fourth largest steel producer in the world. the merger between Arceleor and Mittal, is a milestone, worth keeping record of. Reliance is conquering every barrier to business and recently Reliance industries aquires a loss making Malaysian company polyester - " Hualon corp " for $250 million. Indian companies are actually out in the fieldaspiring to o cross boundary and grow a company, that an Indian could only dream of.

Everything seems to be going India's way. the growth rate of 9 % every year, compared to the 3 % we had in the 1980s. Everything seems to be on the rigth path, but what is the bug that is preventing us from reaching the zenith of sucess. India has got everything it needs to be a developed and dignified nation- Energy resources, Capital reserves, Skilled Labour, Investment in every sector, strong Army.. what is lacking. 

There seems to be a black cloud which is  hindering the progress and halting us unnecessarily in our modern revolution.

... to be continued                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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