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June 09, 2014

Trade–off between productivity and health & safety issues within company

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We are in an era of consumption. Even though we all have come across with 2008 financial crises and have seen its disastrous results, it doesn’t either stem the increasing consumption or foster savings. There are lots of reasons that boost up consumption; therefore, let’s summarize the issues under the idea of bloody capitalism. 

Today, we all have seen the some examples of industrial accidents in the documentary. I believe that they might be the only ones that are noticed by people, there should be plenty of them that could be under investigation or closed by third parties in order to continue what they were doing in the past, because everybody recognized that an idle factory is the organization losing money. Over time people get into the habit of ignoring some safety regulations to prevent utilizing the time, and then they sometimes convince themselves by benchmarking with other competitors which neglect these safety procedures too, and finally they really believe that it was the appropriate way of handling that task. According to this perspective, these safety signs, equipment, training don’t matter, because they consider occupational accidents as a destiny, which I strongly disagree.

301 people were killed on 13th May of 2014 due to fire in the coal mine, which was the worst mine disaster in my homeland’s history. Although the file is still under investigation, the company, held by private equity, announced how they cut the costs from 140$ to 24$ and achieve enormous productivity, after they have taken over the mine from government. Was it worth it?

The company should pay more attention and allocate more resources than other activities, because there are some moments in peoples’ lives that don’t have any recovery or repetition.

“Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.”

-William Jennings Bryan

February 12, 2014


The question rose in my mind that should everyone be a leader. Actually, I don’t think that every stakeholder of organization should be the leader. According to what I have learned today some people are good at management, some are good at leadership, and some are good at both of them. Instead of forcing or expecting people to become leaders, we can define ourselves as leaders and we need to make sure that they do their duty properly.

According from bottom to top perspective, we have to find the ways about how we can give a hand the people who works at the bottom in order to make their job as easy as possible. Especially, lack of degree (education) does not mean that lack of intelligence, we as future leaders should pay attention what they are talking about what kind of concern they have. Also one of the other important things is we, as future leaders, do not need to please people in order to be liked. The true leadership is more about sharing the ideas, and influencing people with them.

October 23, 2013

Productivity and Creativity are rarely seen together at the same time

Although my presentation was not good, our team has caught very good points. According to me, a man sees rarely both productivity and creativity in business at the same time, because it can be found in very unique business platforms, although almost all employers or CEO tries to achieve them. However, there are some elements that may help to increase productivity and creativity sparks in working environment such as improving the working facilities conditions, hiring more qualified and smart employees instead of rockies, strength the collaboration and forget the competition within company, etc.

As we assume that official working hour is 48 hours in UK, a typical employee’s 42,85% of time runs in office, factory or anywhere belonged to company(I excluded sleeping times). How is possible to work incredibly productive and creative in a boring facility? Working environments suppose to provide working willingness and needs perfect with different items such as contemporary interior architecture or colourful and visual billboards in order to not seem like ordinary, because those people who works there as a white-collar are going to create or produce innovation which is not common. For instance, Google’s office which is amazingly decorated provides not only extraordinary working experience but also give their employees good spirits.

Besides working environment, recruiting high skilled and smart people creates qualified area and delighted discussions which have a different perspective from a typical team works. I believe that working or studying within a group consists of smart people forces people to become like them, even you are less talented than others. Furthermore, training the unqualified rockie not only spends much time and money and you may not forecast the output.

Furthermore, due to the steep hierarchy in corporations, competition may be seen as cure of creativity in short-term; however, it really kills the collaboration and solidarity of team-work in long-term. Despite inner competition and individual awards, co-operation working methodology should be achieved and team award suppose to be applied by top-management.

October 12, 2013

Wouldn't I be a Leader?

Hello everyone,

Actually it will be my first blog post, I am a bit anxious. Being a part of WMG and studying MBE with successful future leaders are awesome! I really like the teaching method of Paul which is very distinctive and unique.

I ran into with word of “CEO” when I started university. I have no idea about what it means in Turkish and which people can be. My major in undergraduate was mechanical engineering. The professors haven’t told me anything about becoming CEO or CFO. However, Paul told 3 days ago that in some organizations, technical people should be worked in uncompetitive business areas in order to avoid confusing them. According to me, Paul tried to say that Technical Managers shouldn’t become a CEO. The reason why I wanted to study in WMG is learning the fundamentals of considering like a leader of a business like CEO and being much inspired man, instead of becoming a typical engineer who stays in factory all the day and trying to figure out technical issues. So I should continue to study much hard for becoming a world-class leader from WMG. Also desire plays a great role in success. If a man doesn’t want to do something, we wouldn’t expect any world-class achievement. According to me, desire is the milestone of doing a new thing in our lives.

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