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January 16, 2014

Matrix for choosing the best suited business tablet/laptops

After we learned the QFD method in product excellence with using Six Sigma module, I was considering about how I can use it in my individual life. Actually, I have been dealing hard times deciding to buy a new tablet/laptop/ultrabook (whatever it is), after I met the awesome product which is Microsoft Surface Pro 2!! By the way, I was using my current one more than 6 years. However, in order to choose the best one, I checked other brand's collection like “Asus-Taichi” as well.

After I watched hundreds of reviews on YouTube, I eliminate other opportunities and focus on Microsoft Surface pro 2 and MacBook air. Then, I made a matrix on Excel. Although I wanted to do QFD, it doesn’t make sense to me due to irrelevancy between choosing a notebook and complex design tool (QFD). However, I have influenced from Paul's speech on class, and prepared a matrix.

Steps of Matrix:

1) Wrote down my criteria such as CPU performance

2) Determined the significance levels of each criteria according to me

3) Compared the two products with respect to criteria

4) Calculate the overall score

My expected criteria from business product are "price, CPU performance, Video Card Performance, RAM, Touch Screen, Ease of design with Pen, Portability, Estimated Durability, Battery life, Resolution."

And here is the matrix:


Consequently, the overall scores are almost same; however Surcafe Pro 2 get higher score than MacBook Air.

Guys please write your own feedbacks and experiences about this topic, I need it. Thanks!

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