February 11, 2014

Effective Leadership/ Good Leadership

Writing about web page http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3K92uugO9o

Let’s try to guess that how many presidents, vice presidents, deputies are existed in the world, more than 1 million or maybe more than 10 million; however, how many of them are effective leaders? Probably less than 10.000 people out of 7 billion people! How many of them are good leader? Probably less than 1000 people

Today, I want to talk about the difference between effective leadership and good leadership. Although both of them seem similar to each other, the difference is morality. The effective leadership may not care about morality. Have you watched the Wolf of Wall Street? (If you haven’t watched it yet, do it as soon as possible) The movie is about the life of Jordan Belfort who is an impressible effective leader; however, he was convicted of fraud crimes related to stock manipulation and penny stock boiler room. So basically every effective leader is not a good leader. In the movie he seems as a very influential leader, reinvented the business culture.

the Wolf of Wall Street

The effective leadership is more about how effective the leader when influencing his/her followers and motivating them. According to me, it is not so easy to run into with either a good or an effective leader in the meantime, because there are not plenty of them. Good leadership is something slightly different than effective leadership in terms of morality issues as I mentioned. Good leaders are generally well-known by almost everybody, such as Gandhi, or Martin Luther King. In this module we aim to be good business leaders that have respect to business ethics, pay attention to morality.

Up to today, I haven’t had a chance to work with or study with a great leader, but I believe that one of the most effective leaders in the world is my homeland’s prime minister who is Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

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  1. Kleanthis Katsikas

    Hey Nihat, I want to add that leaders aren’t only presidents or vice-presidents…we can see leaders in our everyday life…in our work…team leaders…middle managers who are effective in their way of leadership but maybe their managers didn’t leave them to take more responsibilities, to give them a chance because they (senior managers) afraid for their positions in the Organizations. So, I think we have a lot of effective leaders but the media and the magazines provide only the top managers as CEO.

    11 Feb 2014, 02:11

  2. Kleant I think Nihat already did clarify what a leader is by stating Jordan Belfort life as a reference. Watch it if you haven’t!
    I think a potential leader or an emerging leader can be further refined if he/ she has a mentor for guidance so i do understand the urge of Nihat to work with a sovereign leader. To each its own i believe!

    11 Feb 2014, 10:23

  3. Very interesting. .. ... I would like to see what you mean by business ethics and morality. . . Who or what determines what is ethical and moral ? ? ? ? ? ? ? On this basis i want to ask if you consider Erdogan a moral leader or only an effective one given his government’s economic achievements?

    11 Feb 2014, 13:46

  4. Kleanthis Katsikas

    Muhammad I don’t know if I have understood your point…but to be an effective leader it isn’t necessary to have mentor and guidelines…the basic is to have qualities and according Paul today to identify your self inner…your great purpose in your limited life….so guidelines could be the actions of others and to find the poise…also to understand the object lesson during our history…to analyse the great philosophers…as Senge said in his disciplines to find our personal mastery

    11 Feb 2014, 21:00

  5. Kleanthis, I almost agree with you that managers can be a leader too. However, I believe that the job is not given by someone, job is acquired! (This is the exact translation of one of the quotes) So earning the trust of others in the working environment is one of the objectives in Leadership pathway. Also there are lots leaders that haven’t been showed up yet, perhaps they are indirect leaders.
    On the movie which I mentioned, I really suggest you to watch how Leonardo both motivates and influences his employee! ;)

    11 Feb 2014, 21:08

  6. Evangelos, I wanted to tell that there is a huge gap between being an effective leader and a good leader. You may be very effective political leader and you can influence millions of people with your outstanding public speaking; however, it does not make you a good leader. Giving a morality as one of the criteria is only the example that I wanted to show the difference between them.
    According to me, my prime minister (Erdogan) is the distinctly effective leader, although I do not want to combine his effective leadership with his own and his cabinet’s economic and industrial success over 12 years. All in all, according to my understanding, effective leadership is basically how much a leader influences his/her followers with his/her outstanding communication skills or charisma. (My personal opinion is he is a good leader, but politics are not the parts of leadership module)

    11 Feb 2014, 21:09

  7. I totally agree with you Nihat, a leader does not have to do something positive to become an effective leader, when i watched the movie “wolf of wall street” i started to think to myself how such intelligence and love and so much influence the leader (leornado) had on his followers, they wanted to be like him, they started to identify with him and share in his beliefs and values which is what Paul was talking about today.
    Like i discussed in my group today an effective leader emerges and shows his qualities in a situation with the sort of guiding decisions he makes toward the goal attainment.
    Well don Nihat

    11 Feb 2014, 21:20

  8. Mate do not get me wrong there was no intention to start a political conversation. I just wanted to knwo how you define the word ethical and why you define it like that. . . . .

    12 Feb 2014, 10:06

  9. Jazz

    Kleanthis what i meant was not different from our mutual thoughts of leadership in general. However i will like to say that being inspired by a mentor of choice and growing further as a leader in his or her shadow is not wrong. Although if any one has the capability and drive to be a leader gets indulged in history and finds the inspiration from that persons (philosopher, Businessman, practitioner e.t.c) work.

    When you say personal mastery and identify your inner self, its the beginning of becoming aware of your own attributes on which you base your principles. Later they are refined by a continuous thought process and if one gets a chance in life to work with his/ her prefered leader then there is no harm in doing so, rather than being ignorant about it and saying no to any help or advice.

    A mentor’s work is based on experience and the guidance can only help a potential leader to grow based on his/ her own principles yet alone harm or force him/ her to compromise his/ her beliefs. Of-course we make are own mistakes and learn from it but there are few or possibly more ditches that one can avoid when as leader in his/ her professional personal life by being advised by a mentor or his work.

    12 Feb 2014, 12:06

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