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November 22, 2012

November has come


So we're well into the new half term, in fact I'm pleased to say that as of now (Uni tomorrow= start of the weekend) we're officially half way- 4 weeks done, 4 weeks to go. This term really is a beast... 8 weeks here in Leicester, seriously!?!?! Can't the powers that be plan this better? (Note to self- don't turn into a moaning teacher- most people, including you previously, go a lot longer than 8 weeks without a holiday!) I have all the term dates on my fridge, and looking at the new year the terms are 25- 30 days. Piece of cake. Just need to get to Christmas and it's plain sailing...

The start of this new term was really tough. I felt that things had really stepped up a gear and I felt daunted at first. But now a few weeks in I feel better. I suppose the sheer amount of planning to be done was the worst thing. But I soon changed my methods, streamlined my planning process (you don't have to make your own resources, using textbooks IS ok!) and with a little help from my friends have been fine. I also actually missed not going into to Uni for three weeks (the two half term weeks and primary visit)- it felt quite isolating. I like seeing the others on Fri and having a chat about things. It's nice to know that we're all in the same boat.

Marking is still a pain- I want to spend my time planning lessons, not marking. It takes forever and can be really tedious, and to be honest a bit pointless (tick, tick, tick). But oh well, must not moan. The school day finishes at 2.45 afterall.

I've had my first two University observations (professional mentor and subject mentor) and I'm pleased to say that both went well. Nice to have them out the way and get some reassurance that I'm doing alright.

I like teaching all of my groups apart from one. They are a lively bunch where chatting spreads like wildfire any time there is a split second pause in the lesson. The biggest problem is that it is so widespread throughout the class that it's difficult to target individuals. I know it's not just me- other teachers have the same problem. I suppose it's just a case of continuing to be firm and constantly repeating expectations. But having to do that all the time takes the shine off teaching the lesson. Part of the problem is that both lessons are period 4 after lunch and as already discovered, the afternoon is not the best time to teach. Must soldier on with them.

I've started my first KS4 lessons (year 10). Very nerve wracking at first but now I enjoy them the most.

November was always going to be tough. Dark mornings and nights, MA1 and PP2 deadlines. I guess all in all I'm doing fine.

Over and out.

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