About me

About me


Having completed the level 5 literacy subject specialist course in 2007/08 I am delighted to be joining the second year of the Diploma course this year to complete my teaching qualification.

I have spent a number of years as a Skills for Life Tutor, teaching both literacy and numeracy working with offenders in the community. However, I was made redundant about 18 months ago and after a couple of interim jobs, I was re-employed by my former company but in a different role. I now teach financial capability mainly in prisons in Lincolnshire, and although this has a slightly different emphasis, I find that I can embed literacy and numeracy skills within this work. It is a challenge, but enjoyable and rewarding.

I have a busy life as I work full time as well as embarking on this course. My limited spare time is spent singing in a choir and with my family including my two grandchildren, Emma and George.

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