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October 04, 2005

question 23

23. What do you prefer, having 9 meter arms, or having to say: "immahunig haaarv birramlkiogg nizatbipprfd :) " before you could say anything else each time you wanted to speak?

Ok, don't rush to answer! And remember that whatever you choose, it is for a liftime. So think it twice. Maybe you haven't considered yet all the setbacks that 9 meter long arms are implicating. Well, think about each time you want to dress, and how can you drive? Alternatively, you may have thought that saying
"immahunig haaarv birramlkiogg nizatbipprfd :)" is quite easy but try to say it just once. What about when everybody is talking around you and you want to participate in the conversation but can't because each time you manage to say something that make sense they're all busiy talking about something else? Wouldn't that be frustrating? So you see it s not that easy to answer.

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