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October 02, 2005

welcome to play GO

*Who wants to play GO? *

For those who know this game, maybe some of you are already playing at the campus in that case I would like to join. For those who don't know it, I would like to introduce this game to you.

GO is a very old game from China. It was invented more than 4 thousand years ago (2000 b.c). It is a board game like chess. Its rules are the most simple possible. But the possibilities of the game are so numerous that no program on earth can reach the level of play of human beings. It is a game about strategy and tactics, about influence and power, it is a game about war. It is such an inspiring game, that I suspect that Sun Tzu was a GO player and that this game influenced his Art of war. GO really is an art, a martial art. In which you deal with space, structure, life and death.

The aim is to get the largest territory on the board, each player drops one stone at a time on any of the 19 X 19 intersections of the board. You cannot move a stone once you ve played it. The 19 X 19 grid forms the GO bang on which the black stones fight against the white stones. You can kill the ennemy by surrounding him. You have to protect your stones by forming living structures, which cannot be killed.

GO is a universe in itself. The professional players now come mostly from Japan and China. Like golf there are handicaps which goes from 35 kyu to 0 kyu (better) and then from 1st dan to 8th dan (best).

You can play GO online at yahoo games

I have a great selection of the best web sites related to GO.
for the first time, go to the go program.
The best lessons on GO, from beginners to experts, is the sensei's library. This web site is of very high quality.
To play online, kisheido go server.
For more info about GO, the IGS or Peter Mioch interview.

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