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January 27, 2006

Why I Didn’t Call You After Our One Night Stand

I could smell the phone.
My lips were licked
to say "Last night”-
Mistoffiles, stalking the
vegetable patch,
slinked into my
Phone cord twirling
around my wrist,
I crossed to the study window…

…I could see him, rooting beneath my dying radishes, compost flying from his hurrying claws- his posterior scuffled and neck-fur buckled and did his eyes moisten? so stiffening his lucky tail hailed to the sky. his rectum tightens. the shit is produced.

He kicks over the dirt and scrams

by my vine-tomatoes, slows.
Begins to look around him, strolling through sweetpeas,
In blossom, full of philosophical wisdom.
Sidling past my rose.

and I walk down the street in the dawn

You, half-sunk in my duvet,
mock my seven year
You can sleep on clouds.

Turning my door handle, grinding marbles.
Quietly, quietly,
Oil it.

On my hallway walls, projections:

your pupils widening in five am darkness
your hands, sweeping across my mattress

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