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October 20, 2010

Breaking my duck

My first ever blog entry by Nicola Jones aged 42 & 3/4

What I would like to achieve with my writing

The big plan is to develop my writing skills so that I can tackle writing articles to support my business.  I am told that speaking and writing are two very powerful marketing tools. 

Part of me thinks that I should just be able to knock out appropriate material, and I do have a lot of ideas.  But I do know that whatever buzz I get from writing well, publishing makes the author vulnerable to criticism, and maybe just vulnerable full stop.  So, I have to get over that inhibition.  If I could do that I would have achieved a lot.

I was a bit worried about doing this course, because I do tend to think I have to be qualified before I can do anything.  In all honesty though, I will benefit from a structured approach to the topic and from getting feedback from Sally and other students.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Things I need to work on are;

  • getting started!
  • giving myself adequate time to edit/re-write
  • over-coming feelings of inhibition and doubt about what I write, maybe by finding ways of testing it out with informed people
  • stylistically, I am not sure as yet, because this form of writing is new to me.  I haven't met the 5 Ws and the H before.  I guess the challenge is to make the writing engaging whilst getting in the content.

Things that might help me are;

  • having some experience of writing structured material, both as an advocate and a trainer
  • having worked in an environment where the audience, whether judge or jury, were key to determining the style of the piece
  • spending my current working life being driven by learning outcomes, so having the effect of my work very much in mind at the outset
  • a love of words
  • a desire to communicate

Here we go!

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