March 08, 2007

Computer Love

Every Thursday, what with all my lectures over & so feeling that I deserve a little passivity, I find myself spending the entire day online. My distinctly prolific day today has seen me check my myspace a few times, create a group on facebook & beat my top score on Space Invaders with 86550. But I am not always an all-out computer lover, it’s just once I have sat down at my desk my brain goes limp & it becomes a task & a half to tear myself away.

My computer has sapped a little life from me. Recently it had to be sent away for servicing & I can’t help but feel that it’s absence promoted me to one level higher on the scale of becoming a totally substantial, living human being. I actually wrote essays with my hand of flesh & blood, in the process avoiding the headaches & maybe even saving my eyesight by a few degrees. But I could easily have messed up without the aid of some useful sites—Wikihow et al. First when getting ready to go out for the night ( &, once out, maybe when trying to enjoy the rain ( At least I recognised the weather as real though. Better than Adam who reminded Seamus to wear his coat out when it was only raining on his game of Pro-Evo.

Soundtrack to my day:-

  • Computer Love - Kraftwerk
  • Alice Practice - Crystal Castles
  • Are ‘Friends’ Electric - Gary Numan

Maybe this new blog will actually give me something to fill up my internet hours with. Until next time, hopefully see you in

Over & out

Nicky at computer


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