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November 01, 2004

Changing the world!

Right, this is going to be passionate and real. I feel an obligation to combat apathy, to fight it in every form. The Iraq war woke me up a few years ago. I didn't want to go to war. I thought that we were being fed a lot of crap, I thought the media turned into a propoganda machine, I realised the extrent of media control, I felt frustrated by the lack of questions asked, I felt Tony Blair betrayed the country with his simplistic and flimsy argument, I felt concerned about the US motives for the invasion, I considered what the UN's role should be in the world and I learned about the Project for the New American Century. A consciousness was awakened within me. I was curious and realised that I would have to ask my own questions, wake up and educate myself – not rely on a simply being fed information. There was too much to consider and I was no longer going to meekly accept the mainstream voice.

Since then I have read a little Kafka, a little Pinter. I have been to some anti-war demos and listened to the speakers. I have learned more about the Socialist outlook. I have been to see John Pilger speak in Sydney and Greg Dyke talk in embittered terms at the Royal Festival Hall. Most recently I went to the European Social Forum in London. There are visionaries in this world, angry at the way things are going – privatisation and imperialism – while the nation dumbly, and in total disinterest, sits back and does nothing.
Giving people the impression that everything's hopeless, that there can be no change – it's a very powerful psychological weapon to stop people caring.
Well bollocks to apathy. It's crap. Let us use our youthful enthusiam, vibrancy and life force to believe in things again and work towards a better world. The first step is awareness of curent politics and international affairs. Soon I will put up some links and info of issues that interested me at the European Social Forum. I'm really keen to use this space to attract student attention to things that I think we should all be aware of. Oh, and go and see 'The Corporation' at the Arts Centre Cinema this month because that is very relevant.
Cheers, and I'll be updating this page soon (once reading week/holiday is over and all my essays are complete!)

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