February 13, 2006

Will there ever be a boy born who can swim faster than a shark?

Sigh. Moan. Depressed.

More importantly though, if I crash land in the jungle, will I be able to eat my own shoes?

November 16, 2005

What a term, eh?

Lots of bad things. Seeing League of Gentlemen possibly the ONLY good thing in a very long run of of rubbishness.

And I may well drop out of University, by the way, I have decided that being unemployed is far more prefarable than reading these FUCKING LAW BOOKS.

I am, as may you gather, finding law a trifle hard.

April 27, 2005

I'll do grafitti, if you sing to me in french.

Otherwise, there's no way in hell.

I voted today! I am now OFFICIALLY a GROWN UP!!! Thats, um, scary.

April 25, 2005

The art of procrastination

So, exams. WHAT?? When I walked out of my last A level exam, I was assured (ASSURED) that I would never have to do one again. So imagine my shock! Look, I worked bloody hard to get into this university, so I think its only acceptable that now, I can laze around all day.

Apparantly, that is not the case, and I'm meant to KNOW things. How marvellous.

So, instead of revising, which apparantly I have forgotten how to do, I am wasting time on here. Bugger.

March 08, 2005


Well isn't this nice? End of term, how lovely. Be fab to go home see my lovely friends and do some lovely drinking and lovely things such as…..I KNOW YOU ARE READING THIS TOMMMY TASOU!!!!!! NOW STOP IT STRAIGHT AWAY…going bike riding, tractor riding, and frolicking in fields full of flowers. YOU ARE STILL READING! STOP IT!

On the serious side, we were told today that employers are potentially browsing University Blogs to see evidence of transferable skills. What skills? How to insult ones flatmates? (THAT IS YOU TOMMY.)

Exams soon= how is that possible? V . Scared.

February 15, 2005

Dear Tommy

Now, you know who you are. As you keep pestering me to add an entry into this damned thing, just so you can hurl abuse at me afterwards, here you go.
Reading week was good, it was lovely being at HOME with my FAMILY.
So…what do you have to say to THAT, sunshine?

February 02, 2005


Stupid, stupid sodding library. I am tempted to smash this computer but realise that TECHNICALLY it isn't the computers fault that the libray is so fucking useless. OK, I feel better now! Actually I don't, as my 3 essays, two presenations, book review and seminar work is still lurking somewhere in the background….
But on the plus side, as it is election week, our kitchen keeps getting randomly raided by young attractive men, so in my eyes, elections all weeks please…!

Birmingham is big and scary

Went to Brum this weekend to see Maz and have a bit of a Malmesbury Massive reunion. Birmingham is VERY scary, mainly walking down Broad Street I was in fear of my life, but it was all a bit much! Still cool though, went to Snobs which is a kind of club that doesn't make me want to a) leave because of the crapness, or b) hide in the toilets. Was supercool fun, though absolutely packed, obviously, which reaffirmed my belief that people in general are a bit annoying. Got a bit drunk which I haven't done for a while, did a bit of fab dancing, but am still tired as didn't get to bed until 4. Whoops. Going home for Reading Week (thankgod!) as have so much work I might drown. If you could drown in paper and ink, but whatever.

January 26, 2005

Why must I enter a title/subject, goddamit, why??

Forgot about the 'fantastic idea' that is Warwick blogs! Why not, eh? I am very bored, actually considering tearing my hair out, so thought I would start up this thingummy. Nothing else to add; just, am bored. Go me.

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