February 15, 2005

Dear Tommy

Now, you know who you are. As you keep pestering me to add an entry into this damned thing, just so you can hurl abuse at me afterwards, here you go.
Reading week was good, it was lovely being at HOME with my FAMILY.
So…what do you have to say to THAT, sunshine?

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  1. Thomas Tasou

    HOME!? FAMILY!? ur, nicky I have news for you! I'll try and make this as simple as possible since I know how stressed you've been recently: COVENTRY IS YOUR HOME NOW! The green fields of wiltshire are but a distance decaying memory. You can KID yourself as much as you like, but the sooner you realise this the better (at least for your mental state!!) Oh and i'm sorry to tell you this but WE are your FAMILY now – and what a charming bunch we all are! Look at me for example – a father figure constanly concerned about your well being. Reading your blogs at 11:41 (and 42 seconds) just so I can find out how your feeling and give you words of encouragement. HELL, i should be in bed!! Anyway, nicola, I better go now – after all, I want to be able to greet my new SISTER/DAUGHTER in the morning! Have a good night.

    15 Feb 2005, 23:46

  2. I think, dear Tommy, you should decide whether you want to be a father or a brother, either way, its very disturbing. VERY DISTURBING. Do we share the same genetics Tommy? No, we do not! What do you think your REAL family would think if they found out you have disowned them in this manner? They would disown you in turn, and I would laugh. AHAHAAAAAA!

    I am at the moment in Coventry, but not for much longer when I DROP OUT because my "FAMILY" are being HORRID!

    Soon I will take over the world, and you will be the one wishing you were at "home" Mwahahahahahaha!

    16 Feb 2005, 11:45

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