February 02, 2005


Stupid, stupid sodding library. I am tempted to smash this computer but realise that TECHNICALLY it isn't the computers fault that the libray is so fucking useless. OK, I feel better now! Actually I don't, as my 3 essays, two presenations, book review and seminar work is still lurking somewhere in the background….
But on the plus side, as it is election week, our kitchen keeps getting randomly raided by young attractive men, so in my eyes, elections all weeks please…!

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  1. John Dale

    What have the library done to enrage you so?

    02 Feb 2005, 17:30

  2. Just not have any of the books on the reading list, and not just not having them there at the moment, but AT ALL! Really rather annoying!

    02 Feb 2005, 19:32

  3. Tommy

    Reading week!? lots of work!? yeah, whatever nicola! I'm about to expose you as the fraudulent lazy slacker you really are. If you really have '3 essays' to do why is it then, that Izzy snapped you riding your tractor around wiltshires fields all day for the pure fun of it? yeah thats right – secret exposed! Wait till' I report my findings to John. you've neglected your new family and new home for a few cheap frills on your beloved tractor. I'm disappointed in you. At least we now know what 'Juliet' really is now.If thats the way you want to treat your new family then guess where you'll end up next year? Nice big upstairs room? I hear you say. Ur, no dear, no. The bloody wooden shack at the end of the garden! that where! In fact i think i'll call a flat 6 meeting tonight to discuss your EVICTION. Oh, and I think straight after this, i'll break down your door and throw all your stuff out the window! That way i can put your room to better use – I hear there are a lot of stray dogs around Coventry! So Nicola, its come to this. You brought it on yourself. I and the fellow members of flat 6 (and the one living in exile) will no longer put up with your deceit and neglect. No longer will we allow you to spin a wed of lies!! So once more, for the record, you are you working – your SLACKING. And you are not welcome back. Good day to you.

    Thomas Tasou, appointed president of the flat 6 crew, (which doesn't include all of you flat 6 people – and you know who you are)

    10 Feb 2005, 16:19

  4. Bite me Tommy.

    14 Feb 2005, 09:59

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