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February 01, 2010

My favourite tree is not undefinitely the Great Basin Bristle Cone Pine

During the exam period of term 3 when we were meant to be working for exams, I started writing a 'sitcom' called 'Nick Chen is a Loser'. It's pretty awful, although I was able to reuse about 1% of it for something I might actually be able to hand in. Well, anyway, I did 3-and-a-half episodes before giving up and being frustrated with the terrible product. It's probably the worst thing I've written over the last few years, which is saying something, but I thought I'd share it anyway, admidst this existential crisis we're all in, even if it's just me in it, looking at clouds, wondering where the day went and if it will come back to give me a second chance to do nothing again.

In the comments box: Episode 1 & 2 of "Nick Chen is a Loser".

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