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April 02, 2010


An extract from: A Day in the “Life” of Kenicky

Here, at last, I hear
a gasp, and rejoice – is it hope?
A voice tells me: nope.

Another dirty dream
about capitalism, and the sheets
are stained with poverty.

The mourning: open the curtain,
maybe go sole searching;
find a toe, behind my neck,
aching at half-mast.

At last, out of bed: breakfast;
out of bread, so have
uncooked toast instead.

I eat cereal with petrol instead of milk
because the taste is more refined,
although my car won’t start.

Ironically, I hitch-hike on a milk float,
paying petrol money
seventeen voodoo dolls,
each resembling the queen,
if she was shaped like a coin.

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