November 16, 2009

The People Focus

First blog on this module! I need to get into that habit quickly. We had to do presentations on friday and today, and there were some very interesting questions that each one posed. The question that Graeme continually asked was at what stage the groups believed that the people implementing Six Sigma should begin to focus on the needs of the workers, so I thought this would be a fair topic to look at in a blog.

At first view, it is easiest just to focus on the DMAIC process steps, which are Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control. In the define stage, it is necessary to work with leaders from different departments to clarify the objectives of every angle. This ensures that the workers will have a representitive in the process. It is also necessary to learn about the process, and it is likely that the line-workers will be amongst the most knowledgable of the subject, so this is another part of this first step where the Black Belts and Master Black Belts will look to involve the workers and interact with their needs. In the measurement stage, it will be the workers putting the process into action, and following from this, it is a necessity for the six sigma model to analyse the strain on the workers and the socio-problems that they currently face. In the improve stage, it is necessary to understand the process capability, and this is not just concerned with the machinery, but also the workers that must carry out the working process. Finally, in the Control stage, the Six Sigma representitives will be required to thoroughly communicate with the workers to emphasise the new changes and maintain the improvements that the model has provided.

I hope I have been able to demonstrate that at every level of the DMAIC model, it is necessary for the workers to have their concerns understood by those looking to implement the Six Sigma.

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  1. A good entry that I was thinking about writing. But I think I can make my points on people and six sigma here thanks to you Nick.

    As you said its a necessity to understand workers concerns but I think Six Sigma is not a tool that is giving the human part of the system the importance they need. I agree with you on process and progress of DMAIC however like you mentioned its all about the people involved in the process that we are looking for. It shouldn’t be like that. Six Sigma is not dealing with whole of the employees. Its just concerned about the people who are in part of the process which has to be improved and focused by Six Sigma. So every organisation need another power to implement Six Sigma without failure. I mean it should be a learning organisation and/or they already understood the System of Profound Knowledge and/or they have a really good leader that will lead everyone in the organisation to an excellence aim. These are some examples of power I could give.

    These are my opinions. Thanks for the entry again.


    17 Nov 2009, 18:00

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