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December 21, 2006

Supermarkets annoy me

After being accused of allegedly paying workers 3p an hour, which is ‘competitive’ apparently to sweat shop workers in Asia, Tescos and Asda also announced that it would support plans to increase development on green belts. With the companies earning almost 10% of the whole disposable income spent in this country coupled with the statistic that 1 in 4 of every lorry on our road is transporting food it is surely time that Tescos and Asda addressed the problem of long food miles, which cannot be good for the food either, and actually dealt with the issue.

No doubt these are not the only supermarkets involved but as they are such a large percentage of the market, especially Tesco, they must be persuaded to change their practice. More should be done to source local goods and produce, plus the fact that the government should impose a tax on foods imported, as currently there is no air tax on such goods which is shocking. If there was would we fly tonnes of apples all the way from New Zealand!

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