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June 13, 2005

Perception Planning and Action

Last exam today, should be feeling happy because it is my last one, but Im not, because Im not looking forward to this exam.

As long as I can insert following quote on affordances, it should be ok. "It is concluded that perception for the control of action reflects the underlying dynamics of the animal-environment system." (Warren 1984). Nice little summarising quote about affordances, shows that I know what they are about. From what I can see about the past papers, they are less specific that all the others that I've done, and due to the nature of this module, you could use most/all lectures to answer the questions.

Lets see how it goes eh.

Exam: Psychopathology

As i didn't say how it went, here is a quick recap.


It wasn't great, but it wasn't as bad as psychobiology I don't think.

June 11, 2005

The polo theory of how well exams go

I've always hated exams, mainly because I can never tell how they go. As a young boy as I always used to think they went well, mainly due to the elation of finishing the exam, and then they would go badly…

So I now refrain from saying how they went.

Except the other day I came up with a way of telling:

I take a pack of spearmint polos in with me to all exams. I always have one whilst Im reading the questions. So thats one polo down.

If its a bad exam, I will not be writing much, mainly thinking about what Im supposed to be doing. And at this point I will be stuffing more polos down my throat. For instance, Psychobiology, was a 5–6 polo exam.

All the others have been 1–2, because I have no time to eat them, Im engrossed in what Im writing and thinking about the rest of the essay.

Hopefully today's exam will just be a 1 polo exam, but Im thinking it might be more of a 3 polo.

June 10, 2005

Exam: Social Psychology

For anyone who cares to know, it went ok. I did a question on Attribution Errors and Prejudice. woo. Next exam tomorrow afternoon, psychopathology. then after that.. one left!

Hope everyone is ok.

Social Psychology

Ive been up since 5 trying to de-learn stuff from other exams and fill my brain with attitude, attitude change, atttibution, group theory, aggression etc.

What a fun morning it has been! In just over an hour I will turn over the paper to find that it is even harder than last years paper. I bet. it has go progressively harder over the last few years, instead of A Level/GCSE paoers, where it gets easier, the questions for Social Psych have involved more indepth thinking and comparison. Which I think is good anyway. Exams are meant to find out how much you know, and if you can link things together and explain everything well, then it shows you know it all.

Oh well. I hope attribution comes up. Other than that I don't really care. lol

June 09, 2005

Exam: Psychobiology

Well the exam went ok. Ok so it didn't, it was hard and I bullshitted a lot of it. Thats the first time ever Ive had a really bad exam, and it's pissed me off big time. Exams are really stressing me out, I don't have time to revise for them all enough to do as well as I could (ok so thats my fault for not starting earlier) and its cut me off from everything else in the world, friends, fun, Ultimate, Girlfriend and life in general.

Its not that I don't think I'll pass. I know I will pass. But this is the crunch, I need a 2:1 or higher next year to even consider applying for the Masters course I want to go on. This year is worth 40% of my degree and it should be easier than next year.
Maybe I should have a big think over the summer if I should really be trying to go for this masters.

The main point is that I want to prove to myself that Im not stupid. Everyone always puts down Psychology students, as if its not a "real" degree, and that "its not hard". Some of its not particularly hard, there is just so much to learn. But if you think it's a piece of piss then care to explain the dual-center theory of eating to me please, to hint: it includes the Ventro-Medial Hypothalamus and the Lateral Hypothalamus. Or maybe Sherrif's Realistic Conflict Theory and some models of agression.

Ive always been last in the family, my brother is a big medical student in Bristol always doing amazingly well, Ive always just been the fun one. My family are all clever, I need to prove that Im not stupid. Call it pathetic, but thats it.

For now, Im gonna have a cup of tea + bath and then cram Social for tomorrow. I'll be getting up early and cramming some more. Hopefully I'll be able to answer some exam questions from past papers. If not, I'll be pissed.

June 07, 2005

Developmental Psychology

Follow-up to I was gonna from my housemate is a soviet spy

questions I answered…

1) Moral Reasoning


2) Adolescence.

Although I have a horrible feeling that for the 2nd one it involved more of a comparison between the type of friendships in pre adolescence and during. Ah well.

other than that it could have gone worse, but also a question on mathematical knowledge would have been nice.

May 24, 2005

why is revising so dull

So i find most of the stuff I'm revising reasonably interesting:

for example. 4 month old children seem to know the difference in expressions of happiness and suprise. (Caron, Caron and Myer)

And children raised by homosexual couples don't turn out to have any bais towards homosexual tendancies. (don't know where this research came from, wasn't in my notes.)

Two little gems from this mornings revision. Yet its still boring. Why?

Im guessing its because I would rather be doing something else. i.e. playing ultimate, watching a film with Gem, in fact ANYTHING other than sitting in my room back in Amersham and studying for exams that are slowly creeping up.

I can't seem to remember most of the stuff anyway.

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