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February 10, 2008

Dave Channel

The Dave Channel is simply the best thing that has happened to the UK in the past 6 months. In the holidays I would wake up at 11am on a cold December morning and you start the day with healthy dose of a Top Gear episode. It has brought back the funniest show ever: Whose Line Is It Anyway? a show I have not seen since I was about 11 years old!

Since ITV killed off the World Rally Championship coverage (in every way), it seemed as if it would not return to terrestrial TV. But thanks to Dave's excellent advertising to create awareness and to bring in new fans, their well made WRC show looks to be a success in my view. Quite frankly, the layman terms and easiness of watching it will surely make more people interested in it. The Dave channel is simply awesome.

June 03, 2007

TV time!

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who found series 6 of 24 a bit lame and dreary. It used to have all the excitment in a TV show that people needed. This season was so rubbish, that Will and Rachel stopped at about episode 8. All the shock concepts have been used up or seen before, and we're not surprised anymore when a bomb does go off (apparently something nuclear did go off earlier in the day, but it was so unmemorable to me). Jack's getting a bit old and its just not as exciting as it used to be.

So the show is signed on to another 2 seasons, and the film is not currently on the agenda. Stop! The should spend 1-2 years making ONE last season - and make it very well.

December 18, 2006

Born Equal

Writing about web page

This was really intriguing 90-minute drama about social inbalances in the UK aired last night on BBC1. It was about some totally different characters who are linked by a homeless hostel: a rich investor, a guy who’d left prison, a pregnant single mother and child, a teenage girl and a refugee family. The director really got a good mix of interesting stories that were true to the realities of people you could expect living in the same quartier of London today. His aim was to show how the homeless live and what incidences led them there: persecution and abusive boyfriends/husbands. If you can, try and catch the repeat of it sometime, its really good.

December 04, 2006

TV Licensing are back

Follow-up to TV Licensing annoyed my sister big time from nathanielho :: blog

Have you had that wonderful letter notifying you that you are now a listed on the “database” for not having a TV licence in recent weeks? It really does stir up the blood.

Firstly they called me up to ask why I hadn’t renewed my old licence at home… that’s because my dad had bought one if they’d bothered to look in the first place. Then I enquired about the whereabouts of the licence I got for our uni flat kitchen 9 weeks ago. Ah! Its been sent to Cryfield 159. Thanks, this wouldn’t be a problem apart from the tiny technicality that I live on the other side of campus in Heronbank you wassorks! Then it took about another 10mins to spell out the address and the correct order of the flat number. I’m sorry could you spell it out for me?

H is for Hateful
E is for Exacerbated
R is for Riled
O is for Outraged
N is for Numpty
B is for Bastards
A is for Agitate
N is for Nettled
K is for knockout

Give me my licence and pee off!!

September 11, 2006

ABC Dramatisation: Love it / Hate it

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding Path to 9/11. The makers have admitted to the fact that some parts (I guess up to half of it) was ficticious and I’m not really going to discuss it. However I liked the visual quality of the film itself. They must have spent a lot of time on it. I thought the camera work was absolutely fantastic, every emotion of every character was portrayed through the medium of TV. I liked the abstract angles used in NY scenes and Afghanistan. And it really did bring back the shock and fears of that day, and gave us a glimpse of what it might have been like to be someone there or a loved one of someone there.

On that day, it was my cousins wedding (I guess you couldn’t get a more mix of emotions and feelings in one day) and we went through most of the day without knowing. I also remember not knowing how I should have felt and I sincerely hope that something like that (or London) doesn’t happen again.

May 24, 2006

CSI Miami ends as well, so now so I can finally revise

Look away now if you're waiting for season 4 to be shown on Channel 5

Erm well that was weird.

Horatio's wife had been murdered in the last episode and you're thinking the final episode is gonna be a great thriller… and time for some real justice. That episode ended up with Delko and Horatio taking a suspect out to the everglades to beat the crap out of him. This was shocking as Horatio never strays from the rule book.

Turns out the final episode was er… it was horrifically dissapointing. It was a little rushed in some ways. The gang was foiled. Riaz caught again. The mole was exposed. That poor cop died and that was about it. The politics of episodes 1–24 were tied in. And Horatio's wife's killer got a deal and is going home to South America so next season they're going to Brazil, for CSI: Rio De Janeirio???? What is going on?

24 Day 5 is over: Nooooooooooooooo

Spoiler warning! Episode 23–24

I can't wait a whole year! To find out what happens next? Poor Jack, I can't remember a time when Jack was happy. Maybe the end of series 3 when he cried cos he was so overwhelmed - that must be the "happiest" time Jack has experienced in the last 6 years. One man, one judge! What a way to go in the last 2 hours. Highlights was the President was pulling that shocked parrot facial expression again when he was being arrested. And the smiles on Martha Logan and Mike "Mole Face" Novik faces got you, you sonofabitch!

I'm glad Aaron made it through the day – what a hero. I'm still very sad about the loss of David Palmer, Michelle and Tony, but most of all Edgar :( waaaaaaaaa …. no one cared about the hobbit. I can't believe Chloe has an ex–husband. They couldn't be a worse match: outspoken + unspoken!

Poor Jack. No peace at the end of this day again. I just want to watch the first 10–minutes of series 1 again to remind myself of happier days…

The wait is until January 2007 people

May 07, 2006

Top Gear is back

Le grand homme avec les cheveux bouclés a retourné à BBC2 à 20 heures.

The phrase above coined by Hamster–Hammond (during his French Oral test on the show: School's Out)

March 10, 2006

If you watch 24 look away now…

Episode 12 of series 5 is one of the saddest moments ever. I can't believe has gone :( We cried for so long!

That's even more sad than Danny's death in Spooks series 3. More shocking that all the events in hour 1. That was just so painful to watch, as the 24 timer silently counted the last 3 seconds of the hour.

February 12, 2006

24 Adrenaline Rush

24 is great isn't it? Series 3 and 4 didn't really have great stories but you just gotta watch it. Series 5 is great, episode 1 & 2 are shockers :O
Ahhhhhh that's a good 24 fix!

Talking to a friend who was surprised that they've gone as far as series 5, I've decided to start writing series 17

[Jack (aged 67 and still in a bullet-proof vest) and the President are both in wheelchairs in the Presidential Retirement home, an assassin creeps up in the home's lush green woodland, which overlooks the resort. He sets up and stares down at the resort through his rifle's sight. Jack and the president are laughing jovially at their life experiences. But suddenly Jack looks distracted and looks around spotting the sniper's red laser beam on the president at the most critical point.]

Jack: "Mr President! No!"

Jack dives to protect the President, the bullet gets caught square on his vest. He along with secret service personel draw out their pistol and empties it in the direction of the assassin, the roof-top secret service sniper who was too busy eating his pot noodle finds the assassin in his sights and kills him.

President: "Jack, once again this country owes you a debt of gratitude."
Jack: "I'm just doing my job Mr President, thankyou."
President: "Jack? Could you pass my dentures please?"
Jack: "Yes Mr President."

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