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July 10, 2007

Final Fling 2007

Final Fling 2007 -  4

Final Fling was probably the last time we would ever all go out together. During the day, my flat all went out for a nice meal at Strada's in Leam. Leaving the afternoon to get ready. As a joke, the boys did some metrosexual activities: we did face masks. And just to balance it out, we watched Die Hard at the same time.

Fortunately despite all the bad weather and forecasted rain (we were advised to bring wellingtons to match our dinner jackets) - it didn't rain much at all.

Final Fling 2007 -  5

We wasted no time in crashing into each other in the dodgems - and we all came out with very bruised knees. The Automatic played when it was raining outside and I thought they were pretty good. Hard-Fi I didn't really know, but seemed alright. Unfortunately I didn't seem to bump into a lot of people I knew - it was very strange - I'm sure I would bump into more people in a typical day in Leamington than I did that night.

Still it was an enjoyable time and I'm sorry if I didn't get to say goodbye to anyone. Goodluck with everything you do! 


January 18, 2006

Belated Christmas at the Sanctuary

Today we finally had xmas/John's birthday/my birthday at home (it had been postponed due to unfortunate events in december). We had a lovely meal cooked by domestic goddesses Lotte and Rachel, who thoroughly stuffed us with roast chicken (turkey sub), roast beef, bacon sausages, and the whole she-bang of vegetables and misc. goodies. And it that wasn't enough, whack on Lotte's home-made Belgian waffles and ice cream :P (they look like this:)

Real Belgian Waffles, made by my favourite Belgian

Anyways I got wonderful wonderful present which I would like to thank 17 friends of mine for, its truly excellent and I'm very excited about it. And OH YES! I have an "I Am The Stig" T-Shirt. Hopefully the Stig I know won't take it off me.

November 06, 2005

A Weekend of Blowing up the Sky

Last night I went to Rob's house in Loughton for some crash bang wallop. The Southgates were having a big party. And with half the garage stocked up with fireworks, it certainly was a good show. Here's some rubbish pictures I took.


The rest of the gang in Warwickshire went to Kenilworth Castle, and afterwards, at the Kenilworth Country Mansion, Alec tried his own hand at fireworks, where one tipped over, fired at the wall and rebounded!

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