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May 05, 2007

Spider–Man 3

Spider-Man 3
2 out of 5 stars
I'm not a huge comic fan, but generally the Spiderman films are quite fun to watch. Rich took us all out to the premiere yesterday for his birthday party. The fillm was just another episode. It offered some comedic value when Peter Parker turns into an aggressive miniture pimp when he turned into an evil Jamie Cullum. And when he's wearing glasses in the second installment, I swear he looks like Harry Potter. Overall its ok I guess.

April 08, 2007

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace
4 out of 5 stars

Quality film. Exploring the long road to the abolition of the slave trade by William Wilberforce and his small party of followers. Exploring the conflicts of interest and politics seasoned with Gambon’s humourous input.

February 21, 2007

Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz
3 out of 5 stars

This was a good fun movie. With some very humorous moments. Funky Brit cinema style and some very memorable quotes! Unconventional cop movie with guns and action (good), whilst involving a lot of ripping the piss out of west county folk – I kept looking at Em to see how insulted she might have felt. Very strangely gorey at some points, which I guess comes from the Shaun of the Dead DNA. I only wish it had put in hysterics – probably due more to my mood and fatigue.

January 16, 2007

Bullitt – I never knew you had to watch movies in a certain order

3 out of 5 stars

Despite being aged one and twenty years. I’ve managed (and so had John) to go through life without watching Bullitt once. We rectified that on Sunday and settled down to watch it. We got through most of it not really knowing what was going on. The humungous lack of dialogue seemed to be the problem. And when the tension was building up there would be some excellent music until someone just switched it off. And the exciting parts were accompanied with silence. John was bored, but I quite enjoyed it. I liked the way how Bullitt’s girlfriend found how shockingly violent people could be back then and the psychological side of being a cop was lightly explored.

Its only when you reflect on the period it was made that you understand why it was good great: 1968 was a very long time ago, and John and I could only imagine how it could have looked when it first came out. The style was quite revolutionary, and I guess if we just watched movies from the 60s, this one would stand out. The editing was apparantly quite a new style and the movie got a few awards in general. But in the days where funky editing is done in normal dramatic TV shows like 24, CSI etc etc, this 1968’s movie didn’t really stand out anymore.

I do appreciate that the style of the things we watched today probably spawned from Bullitt. My only regret is that, I didn’t watch it earlier – before 24 & co. ever came out. That’s why I only think of it as a good movie and not a great one. I never realised til now that there was a specific order of watching movies…

December 02, 2006

Watching This Movie WILL damage your health

Movie image
Napoleon Dynamite
Not rated

Oh my gosh. This is by far the worst “comedy” movie I’ve ever seen. You will want the last 86 minutes of your life back. Hence it gets ZERO stars out of five. It was the biggest waste of time I have come across. If you are even thinking about watching this movie, don’t. I suggest the following alternative activities which are much more worthwhile:

1. Find the worst movie you have ever seen (e.g. Spice Girls The Movie) and watch it three times over.
2. Observe a person who is watching paint dry.
3. Listen to James Blunt/Westlife/The Carpenters on constant repeat.
4. Cutting the grass on your lawn with a razor blade.
5. Take a dump for 86 minutes.

Maddy recommended this “cult” movie. John, Paul and I sat through it all. We had a strange feeling that the joke was on us. And that Maddy was making us three idiots watch this worst excuse of a movie whilst she went to bed… laughing in histerics. It turns out she does actually like the movie a lot. We really need to sort her and anyone else who likes it, and BEAT them with a sensibility stick. It wasn’t the slightest bit funny. If it had been slapstick, it would been funnier. Was it an in-joke? Schoolboy joke? They weren’t original.

Picture the scene: a nerd riding a mountain bike jumps on a ramp….

(are you in hysterics yet?)



...86mins later

(how about now???)

I’ve read better jokes on the back of a Penguin bar. It can only be summed up by what Paul said when the extra scene came on after the credits.

I’m not watching that. Life’s too short

John: 0/5
Paul: 0/5
Me: 0/5

November 27, 2006

Casino Royale

Movie image
Casino Royale
4 out of 5 stars

Hmmm I haven’t been to the cinema for ages it seems. Having started watching Bond movies since I was 5 years old (every saturday on ITV, or Channel 3 if you’re Swedish [Ivan]), this was definately something I would make the effort to go and see, despite the fact Laura and I was given 30mins prior notice by Will and Matt.

I thought the story was a good one. No satellites that fire lasorrrrr beams. No jumping rocket cars. No invisibitily cloaks etc. Just back to basics, of punching somebody in the face with one’s fist, a vulnerable, sexy and muscular Aston Martin DBS9, the weapon was money, the tactics was texas hold-em poker and everything was believable.

There was a large amount of unashamed product placement. Sony and Ford mainly. I cracked up when he drove the Ford Mondeo to the hotel, at which every car in the car park was a Ford Premier Auto Group car: Volvo, Jag, Land Rover and of course Astons. Well I suppose it is “nice” to know that I use the same K800 mobile phone as James Bond, and the villan used my last mobile phone. I guess we’ll get to the stage where we’ll be using the same bog-roll as you see on the silver-screen!

Unfortunately the film ended on a “to be continued…” note which is as annoying as Carol Smilie’s smile. I’ve given it four stars, though it is biased cos my analysis was based on the fact that it had cars, guns, girls and Bond suaveness!

May 25, 2006

X–Men 3: The Last Yawn

Watching X–Men 3 was like going to pick up Aunty Mary from the airport after she'd been away on holiday. The presents she brought were not as exciting as she made it out to be, and the most exciting thing was probably the drive there, and back. It was a chore you had to do anyway.

So that was X–Men folks! I couldn't remember a single thing in 1 & 2. It had a nice dose of action, and a lot going on, but I think the problem with movies where they're made in 2–parts/triologies/or more is starting to show. A single movie can't hold its own.

Meh! It was a break from revision.

May 21, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code
5 out of 5 stars

Right, I have never read the book. But I saw the trailer the other day and the only thing I could think of was that it looks like a great action movie. Everyone will tell you its about the last supper, christianity or whatever. No no NO! Its a full blown fictional thriller/action movie! Its got pistols, submachine guns, land rover, planes, cop car chases, Sony Ericsson W850 and the crypto thing. I have to say, the whole story is made up by ingeniusly stiching up myths, legends such as the Templar Knights and stuff. Absolutely enthralling.

Tom Hanks was just a great professor and Audrey Tautou was fantastic too (very attractive in this one compared to her other movies). The settings in the story were great from: la Louvre to Westminster Abbey.

"But it doesn't match the same story in the book... nag nag nag... there were 2 crypto things weren't there". The answer to that moan is: Do you really want to be cinema for 6 hours? I felt it was pretty snappy and the combination of modern day life and the 300AD stuff made it a great way to spend 2 hours.

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