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December 19, 2006

Michael Schumacher's Ferrari Career in Pictures

The Legendary Michael Schumacher Special Portfolio

*Warning: Despite Herr Schumacher being a legend. Anybody who used to love to hate him (such as me) may find excessive picture viewing quite sickening.*

April 28, 2006

Prodrive Confirmed as 12th F1 Team

Writing about web page

Yes!!! This is excellent news to engineers as it means: EMPLOYMENT in motorsport. Plus even the Civil Engineers will have fun building the new race track in Warwickshire :D :D :D that's right another race track :D

April 27, 2006

Noise per Litre

Follow-up to Warwick Motorsport takes in a dose of F1 goodness (aka ear damage) from nathanielho :: blog

If an F1 engine makes 130dB of noise from 2.4 litres.
That means the new V8's are quite efficient at 54dB/litre :D

hmm ear damage

Warwick Motorsport takes in a dose of F1 goodness (aka ear damage)

Today was the 3rd time this year that we visited Silverstone for the 3rd Day of the Formula 1 testing. The Motorsport guys left at 9.30am to get there early, but I got a call from JJ asking for a ride, cos he got left behind :( And after he followed me round during my hectic morning. We picked up Rob and we set off for Silverstone. There was a HUGE turn out, both in teams and spectators. The grandstands were open, and we got a great view of pits and the general track. You wouldn't have believed it, but it was WARM at Silverstone with virtually no wind at the pit–straight end. Obviously, behind an open airfield, it could have been snowing at Stowe for all we know.

As soon as we got there, a Renault was in the gravel trap. Walking towards the pit end, I spent a good 10mins ogling at the Silverstone school's Audi RS 4 (there's a pic of me drooling over it). We spent quite a while at Luffield - famed for being the most boring corner on the circuit, but it was just amazing to hear the V8's booming as they accelerated at insane rates out of the corner.

Then we met up with the rest of the Warwick Motorsport Posse, and they all decided to have "Burgers of Death" aka greasy fast food cooked in engine oil. As JJ says:

its all part of the cultural experience!

Siggy had spent soooo long at the circuit, he could recognise the sound of the cars based on the noises the traction control makes. Normally other people use laptops for frequency analysis…

Standing at the side of the circuit, I could only recognise Kubica, Fisi, Kovaleinen, Kimi, Montoya, Wurz, Webber, Button, Davidson, Albers, Speed, oh and Klien spent the whole afternoon chatting on the pit wall.

Well JJ will provide the wonderful pictures and I'll just provide data (cos you really wanted to know):

Unofficial Thursday times from Silverstone (from

1. Giancarlo Fisichella, Renault (Michelin), 1:18.518
2. Kimi Raikkonen, McLaren (Michelin), 1:18.978
3. Heikki Kovalainen, Renault (Michelin), 1:19.103
4. Christian Klien, Red Bull (Michelin), 1:19.550
5. Rubens Barrichello, Honda (Michelin), 1:19.614
6. Juan Pablo Montoya, McLaren (Michelin), 1:19.676
7. Anthony Davidson, Honda (Michelin), 1:19.760
8. David Coulthard, Red Bull (Michelin), 1:19.900
9. Vitantonio Liuzzi, Toro Rosso (Michelin), 1:19.980
10. Mark Webber, Williams (Bridgestone), 1:20.422
11. Robert Kubica, BMW Sauber (Michelin), 1:20.930
12. Christijan Albers, Midland (Bridgestone), 1:20.987
13. Alexander Wurz, Williams (Bridgestone), 1:21.190
14. Gary Paffett, McLaren (Michelin), 1:21.888
15. Adrian Sutil, Midland (Bridgestone), 1:25.400

Oh and the Journos from F1 Racing: Matt Bishop and Peter Windsor were there doing a silly Caterham/Cosworth shoot with Wurz and Webber.

April 09, 2006

DTM German Touring Car Season Starts Today

Hmmmm. The DTM has never been popular in this country (motorsport isn't popular in this country!) primarily because of the lack of British drivers and… er… lack of interest.

First of all, unlike most other touring series where your racing cars actually look like the road cars, The DTM is your road car pumped with monumental amounts of anabolic steroids. This makes them damn ugly (fugly). I mean trolls look prettier, look:

How could a C-class get more uglier?

And I suppose it should be even more boring because there's only 2 manufacturers. Audi and Mercedes. But the engines are beasts: 470BHP V8 brutes and the series contains big names like Mika Häkkinen, Jean Alesi, Heinz-Harald Frentzen and Tom Kristensen (of F1 and Le Mans fame). So even when these guys waltz in – they don't just win by default (in fact they'll normally loiter around 7th), the competition is fierce.

So after Gary Paffett won the 2005 championship and has now left, we're left with Jamie Green (pole position this weekend) and rookie Susie Stoddart. Yes finally there are women in a top level racing series who can cut the mustard.

SusieSusie Stoddart has only just graduated from F3 and hopefully will progressively learn well in her rookie season, despite limited time in the cockpit of a DTM C-class. And plus it must be really cool to have Mika Häkkinen as a mentor. Should be a good season. Looking forward to my-main-man-Mika getting to grips and doing well. Mika retired from F1 in 2001 and subsequently became quite fat in his 3 year absence, before contemplating a return, that never materialised because of Button-gate.

Goodluck to all the drivers, but its a real shame they'll never show it on regular TV (only on MotorsTV I think).

Frau Stoddart et Frau Ickx

FYI Lotte, the other female driver is a Belgian!

January 24, 2006

Monte Carlo Rally

OOooooo so nice to get a motorsport fix last weekend, after the long winter. Shocking how Solberg had to retire with oil cooler problems. Great maiden win for the Focus 2006 WRC on its debut. It looks quite good. More priceless comments by rally winner Marcus Gronhölm when commenting about the atrocious conditions. "I'm driving like my grandmother" he said.

And there's no stopping the World Champion Sebastian Loeb. After ditching his car in a ditch no less (terribly unlike him), he pounces back under the new rally rules to finish on the podium. He's too good. Damn that frenchman! Too damn good.

December 29, 2005


Ronspeak (Origin: Ron Dennis): Tech-inspired verbal fluency, often used to humble intellectually inferior journalists
As in: "We have optimised the lateral optical interface of the building." (Translation: "My factory has a lot of windows.")

Taken from F1 Racing Jan 2006

December 23, 2005

Goodbye Minardi, Jordan & Sauber

Its always slightly sad when things go away. I'm talking about the small teams of Minardi and Sauber leaving F1, joining Jordan into the history books as old names. Its seems these 3 teams have been around for a combined 49 years! Jordan will become Midland F1 (which sounds like a british bank/airline than Russian consortium), Minardi will be smeared over with "Torro Rosso" (Red Bull) but luckily BMW are nice enough to keep the Sauber name.

It seems Peter Sauber will be missed as the real honest man whose integrity never faultered and would always do what was right (despite Ferrari breathing down his neck). Paul Stoddart will be missed as the guy with big balls who always challenged authority. His moaning seemed to never stop! But when you're fighting to stay alive that's always hard.

Despite their small histories they've helped so many great drivers get their first break into F1 M. Schumacher, F. Alonso, G. Fisichella, K. Räikkönen, J. Trulli, H-H. Frenzen and the list goes on and on…

October 09, 2005

Sunday Morning Lunatics

On saturday I popped in on Dave da Guff's get together in South Leam (big up Dave!). And stayed overnight at the Palace like I usually do on Grand Prix weekends. Paul decided that we should watch the Japanese GP at the awful hour of 5.20AM. With just under 4hrs sleep in, I woke up to the noise of Paul bringing up a tray of orange juice, Whittard's coffee and bacon/egg/sausage sandwich which I consumed at 5.25AM Sunday morning. Brekfast in (sofa)bed. Paul has to be the BEST host ever! (My turn next week argh!) And he was right about the race being a good one – worth watching live.

We watched (three-quarters awake) Alonso 16th and Kimi Raikkönën 17th charge through the field, in one of the best races ever. Kimi Raikkönën is the DUDE, he and Alonso ate up everyone (tho Fernando had to overtake Michael Schumacher about 80 times). Kimi, with 17 laps to go and a 20sec margin between himself in 2nd and 1st placed Fisichella, ate up the gap with incredible speed, and passed Fisichella into turn 1 on the last lap. Fairytale stuff, 17th to 1st. Legendary stuff, just like Paul's wakeup calls.

September 25, 2005

Alonso will be crowned World Champion

Its been a great season for any non-schumi fan (we're so harsh). And however hard we've been rooting for our man Kimi Raikkonen. He's had so much bad luck and unreliability, that the championship has slipped away from him. You can count the number of points he's lost cos of retirement, and team mate Montoya dishing out free points to the opposition. It has been a great season. I think today's Brazilian race will be an easy 3rd place cruise for Alonso. Kimi 1st or 2nd.

Let's see how wrong I am… I do hope so.

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