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May 07, 2006

What a difference a year makes, 8,760 little hours…

Follow-up to Pre–Season Friendly Against WBSS from nathanielho :: blog

So back in Autumn 2004 during the Lakers first football game against Warwick Business School – we lost by a catastrophic 13-0. We didn't know how long we'd need, to reach their level of game. The main thing I remember back then as striker (with Din) during that game was Stephen Goodwin's perseverance and motivation as a Captain. Top bloke.

Today I am now taking a consultancy role like Alan Shearer - (ok ok... I'm the Official Photographer and Water Boy). We met Warwick Business school for the second time in our club's existence and we thrashed them 5-0. Well done to all the guys. My suggestion was that our guys should have replaced regular football lingo and should've have shouted out "Business terminology" such as "buy", "sell", "sell short", "balance the P&L account" throughout the game. Would have been particularly funny if our Welshers said it :P

Well done to all! You're a top quality winning team.

February 25, 2006

Lakers move to the top of the League

Writing about web page

Today Lakers 1 had a monumental match winning 9–2! This pops them up to the top of the table with 24 points. Well done!

Lonely Goalie
Bet the goalie got a bit lonely during that match!

February 11, 2006

Lakers Result

Well done everybody in Teams 1 and 2 for winning both games today!

February 06, 2006

Lakers win and lose

Congrats to Lakers team 1 winning 11–1. Shamefully conceding one goal though.

And a tough game for Lakers team 2 being edged out 2–3. Tension mounts as the end of season approaches the horizon: can Lakers finish in the top 3?

January 22, 2006

Lakers Derby

Yes the time that John Evans had been waiting for all his life: the sun was shining bright and low in the winter afternoon, and John could only win whichever way the result of the football match turned out.

Lakers 1 vs. Lakers 2
on the saturday league.
As it turned out, the Lakers won! Team One that is.

In a game where you could shout "You're on the same side!" there were a surprisingly large number of questionable tackles. Lakers 2 are ahead in the league, but Lakers 1 had a very strong showing to win 4-2

It was a great match with ALL my favourite players in :D
Pictures follow as soon as I get them developed.

April 30, 2005

Lakers Lick Opposition

The Lakers scorched to victory in the quarter-final match against Westside today on a very very very hot 20'C Saturday afternoon.

Final score 6–2.

We knew that this match-up would be a difficult. But we used our breaks well, scoring 2–0 in the first half. The Swede, Tom, Alex and Lee (2) all capitalised on their opportunites. Din played well too, but couldn't make the ball connect with the net.

The team played alright, but had the tendency to bunch in either half. And thanks to the spectators-commentators-taunters. I'm sure they provided much needed "motivation." Meanwhile I took the role of team photographer (as opposed to team clown and joker – both taken) and missed many opportune pictures.

Well done to everyone who played today!

Come on!!!

April 24, 2005

First Cup Game

The Lakers performed fantastically at 1pm today to win our first cup game 7–2.

A fantastic achievement, thanks to everyone who played.

January 31, 2005

After the storm comes goals

After last week's 0–5 defeat against the medics first team, in which the team played quite well. The defence was excellent, but the scope of the problem was probably just that we only defended. Very few chances to score were capitalised but still an good effort and result given the medics have been a longer established team.

So how do we bounce back???

By winning the next game (last Saturday 29th) 5–0.

Bring on the last game of the season!

January 18, 2005

League Tables

The Warwick Football League Tables have been published in this weeks Boar.

Lakeside Lakers are 8th, tying with many other teams on 3 pts. Woo Hoo!

January 09, 2005

We Won?!

Oh yes. The Lakeside team won 12–6 today against the Savage Beasts.
Well done to John and everyone in the team.

Finally clawing back the -20 goal difference now!

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