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March 20, 2007

Programmed to dislike red cars

Last weekend we had just broken up for the Easter holidays. The flat had planned for a while to go to the Corinne Bailey Rae concert at the Birmingham Carling Apollo. The evening was quite pleasant, and everyone had a great time.

After we got back home, the boys stayed up til 5am watching the first race of the Formula 1 2007 season. We’ve been pretty excited for a while, with Schumacher gone it there is a lot of new talent on the grid. With retrospect, it now seems like it was a good time for Schumacher to have retired – unfortunately as a Ferrari Ambassador, he’s been forced to drive ugly Fiat vans on TV adverts – very uncool.

Finally the UK has a hero in the form of Lewis Hamilton. As you can see from our “Expert F1 Predictions” most of us expect Button to not win at all this year. Hamilton would have been impressive even if he came 8th and managed to stay within 0.2secs of Alonso, and I hope he continues to perform well under pressure. He seems to be unfazed by it all which is excellent. (Heikki Kovalainen on the other hand, seemed to make the rookie mistakes, which he is of course more than entitled to do). The race itself was interesting but uneventful, with only Coulthard’s unorthodox overtaking manourve providing some excitment. He decided to park his car on top of Alex Wurz.

Now I’ve always been a Kimi Raikkonen fan. The dude is fast, fearless, and I bet the Top Gear’s Stig is a mould of him. But when he crossed the line first in his Ferrari, I just felt indifferent. However much I like him, I couldn’t like the fact that a red Ferrari had won. The impulse of the latter was stronger. Paul said it was because I’ve been programmed to dislike Ferraris for the last ten years!

January 22, 2007

OWW World Music Concert 2007

OWW World Music Concert 2007

The concert overall was quite good. Naturally there was a diverse range of performances, and to be honest, the genre was simply “World Music”. Every act was interesting and all the students did very well. I thought the Chamber Choir didn’t stay on long enough! I was getting a bit bored of the flautist Torres giving TechCrew such a hard time (but I guess its gotta be perfect). In fact, it looked at if he’d already given the backing band a bit of grief already – they all looked like they wanted to cry. But eventually he donned the blue OWW T-shirt and loosened up. Watermelon Man was jammed out by the students (most notably, the saxaphonist, flautist and violinist). Every member of the audience was up clapping and since I had run out of memory space, I was up too and damn well enjoying it!

June 23, 2006

Last Day of WSAF & The Gala Concert

Gala Concert 2006

The end of year is neigh! WSAF and the Gala Concert were both very enjoyable during today's chilly weather. I hadn't been on campus since last Wednesday and it was nice to see friends again. Managed to shoot alongside Nathan Barrow, but I forgot my telephoto lens for WSAF and tripod for Gala. Oops. Adam did a good job of making up the lighting as the WSAF dance performance went along. Very much the action man of the day, making sure Ms Courtenay Lewis was as comfortable as possible audible! At the Gala concert we managed to catch up with Ed (Bappy Hirthday mate) and co. before the end of term. I also finally saw the Palisades for the first time in about 3–4 weeks. My only gripe was that they didn't play Jupiter from the Planets :( And congrats to Messrs Siggy and Hinds for graduating with firsts!

April 23, 2006

The Legendary Buena Vista Social Club

Buena Vista Social Club

My ears are ringing… no resonating from the sounds of the 11-piece cuban band. Playing at the Arts Centre tonight, I had no idea that they were so popular. We stood at the front of the stage waving at grandad (Cachaito López) whilst latin-jazz flooded the hall. The piano player was excellent, Grandad Lopez kept smiling, the bongo-man very rarely did, Guajiro Mirabal was super duper on the trumpet, Jesús Aguaje was suavely conducting, the bouncy singers were swinging and Mr Manuel Galbán on guitar looked like the Godfather. It was magnificent stuff.

Unfortunately I didn't take a picture as a momento.

March 01, 2006

Kanye West Touch The Sky Tour

Last night John, Lotte, Will and I (along with many other Warwickers and Cov'ers) hopped on the train to the NEC Birmingham Arena. To see Kanye West. I wasn't so sure about going with money running low etc. but I would have positively kicked myself for missing out on the opportunity.
Kanye West: Touch The Sky Tour 1

It probably wasn't as spectacular as I'd imagined it to be. The Arena I thought was too big and its acoustics was frankly, rubbish. I was sitting so far back in block 9, I'd probably have needed 600mm IS lenses to get a decent photo! John Legend's smaller event last September at the Birmingham Academy was a nice cosy affair. Paul and Dz went to see Kanye in the Hammersmith Appollo in London date last week, which I thought might have been better. But with those "complaints" out the way, time to move on to the good stuff.

I still can't get over the way that Chris Payne (the last man on earth who would listen to Hip-Hop) whisper monotonously and in the most unenthusiastic tone of voice:

I ain't saying she a gold digger, but she ain't dealing with no broke…......... broke

Obviously rappers aren't blessed with the most amazing abilities of inventing literature pieces, but it'll do me sometimes. Actually Gold-digger isn't a favourite track of mine!

Kanye West: Touch The Sky Tour 2Kanye West Touch The Sky Tour 3

The best bit of course (was not the support acts). But the all-female string orchestra. They really put a fresher twist on the music. At one point they were playing Bittersweet Symphony during a short interlude which was great. Kanye does the usual "these songs inspired me as a kid" : which surprising included Take on me! I like Kanye cos he makes me laugh and he has a nice style which seems to be different from the others. College Dropout cracked me up the first time I heard it. Unfortunately he didn't play my favourite song Never Let Me Down (probably because of the lack of Mr Jay-Z and Mr J-Ivy)! All in all, twas a good evening (apart from the unfortunate incident involving the stewards), and we all had a lot of fun.

November 16, 2005

Lucie Silvas

Ok it seems I have lost all credibility. Especially now that I have embraced pop music with open arms. Earlier this year, William brainwashed me with Lucie Silvas' music and turned me into a homosexual. I love it. I shamelessly love it. Actually the real mastermind of the whole operation was Laura. So Will, Rach, Rob, Laura and I went to see Miss Silvas in the Arts Centre last friday. It was a good concert. She has a nice rich voice. She played some new stuff, then the main songs off her album. The support dude (forgot his name) was also good. Twas simply a good night out (finished off with Pure and the house party in Leam Terrace).

November 05, 2005

The Piano Sings: Michael Nyman

Michael Nyman is a modern classical composer. What a modern composer ususal does, is write scores and soundtracks for movies. And this is what Michael Nyman is famous for. The film's he's worked on are Gattaca and The Piano. (Yes that's where they came from, not the Lloyd's bank advert!)

So Will, Rach, Matt, Andy, Maddy and I were sitting in the 2nd row yesterday in the Arts Centre (2 down 1 to go). We were shown some Black and White films, whilst he played along to it – was certainly different. I think we lost William to the world of slumber within half an hour. I really don't mind him sleeping during concerts (he did the same thing during Einaudi) – it would probably be the best sleep he ever had (should be! for £10/hour lol).

I thought the whole concert was fairly short. And Mr Nyman didn't say a single word (it was called The Piano Sings after all). Maddy thought his manner was quite comedic, getting up after every set of songs and bowing three times. I did manage to get my London housemate Stig's Piano book signed by him.

Andy said he only really went for The Piano songs. Waiting for those songs was well worth it. As the Stig says, it gives ya goosebumps. Although Mr Nyman himself hit a few wrong notes whilst playing The Heart Asks Pleasure First.

He played music from:
The Diary of Anne Frank
The End of the Affair
The Claim
The Piano

Best songs: The Morrow and The Departure from Gattaca, Big My Secret, Silver-Fingered Fling, and The Heart Asks Pleasure First from The Piano.

October 28, 2005

Pink Martini in Concert

As part of what can only be described as "culture month" (3 arts centre concerts in 3 weeks), this first one concert was great. Maddy, Ivan and I were chilled and relaxed in the Butterworth Hall checking out the effervescent band. They are a huge band of 13 members, each extremely talented in more than 1 discipline – It seemed like the percussionists were playing musical chairs all evening.

Pink Martini is hard to describe. I haven't really heard their music, so I took this oppourtunity to check them out. I did at first thought (after listening to Sympatique) it was 1 French Jazz singer! How wrong I was. They are a South American marching street band, a Russian chamber orchestra, latin jazz, Japanese noir + many more that I can't describe/think of, all collected together. They sung in English, Spanish, Japanese, Croatian, Portuguese, Italian and Russian (in the same song!). And towards the end, half the audience had no choice, but to get up and dance!

As they were loading up the tour bus, I said a quick "thank-you" to them, and I am now wearing a stupidly big smile for the next week!

Grandmaster Flash: I Was There!

Awful photo taken with my 1.3Megapixel SEM.

Grandmaster Flash was Funking Amazing! I couldn't have found a better to destroy my eardrums.

Grandmaster & (his partner-in-crime) DJ Demo, gave us the chronicle of hip-hop dating back from 1971 til now. Professor Grandmaster Flash taught us (in the history lesson), that 1971 was the year of its conception, contrary to popular legend. It was a shame that only so few of us went. But that was some great party. Mr Flash really knows how to work the crowd. He played lots of old and new skool, he taught us that "music has no colour" (cheeeeeeesy lol) and he even played Nirvana during the night.

And unlike last week's concert with 14-year-olds, the cooler was filled with 41-year-olds(!)

October 19, 2005

Bowling for Minestrone

Today Bowling for Soup came to the Warwick Union, or at least I thought it was supposed to be at uni…

Matt and I inherited tickets from the ill Tom and Sas, and joined Paul and the Germans: Izzy, Jonas and Andi to see the band play. There were 2 support acts, both of which were quite good. Now Bowling for Soup aren't exactly huge, it was Paul's idea to go (he came up with the John Legend idea last time), and I'm not exactly a rock fan, but when I asked him what songs they sing, he only said "I only know one." Which is the same for 99.9% of the population. They are a band with only 2 good songs. So Matt was dissapointed. But that wasn't the worst thing about the night. I have no idea why the Union decided to open its doors to Coventry Grammar High School.

The place was inundated with 12-year old midgets. Some looked like they were 8. Some accompagnied by their parents. And then when they were crowd surfing or causing other disturbances: Big John of Union Security would just pick the kids up, put them in his pocket, walk to the exit, and empty them out. And Soup were saying "you are the best looking crowd we've ever played to..." They're all fourteen for crying out loud! Jiu-Jitsu and PunkSoc decided to go crazy in a 45min pushing frenzy. When it was "home time," the road outside Cost-Cutters was filled with parents in their cars waiting to pick up their kids. I hate teenagers.

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