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January 22, 2006


Jarhead [2005]
3 out of 5 stars

Its a very gritty film that portrays the unglamouressness and pointlessness of war. Its not blood, blood and blood, in fact there's very little of it. It follows the story (semi-documentary style) in a satirical way of some US Marines (aka Jarheads) who train in the late 80s and later serve in the Gulf war. The depiction of the monotony, training, problems you encounter being away from friends and family, and what its like living in a platoon waiting for war which never comes in their case. Not once do the poor men on the ground fire their rifles in anger. Its a nice change from the norm. Great performance by Jamie Foxx and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Funny story when Will and I got to the Skydome on friday night. Sas, Paul and Alec were already in theatre 3 waiting for us. Only problem was we arrived 1 minute late and the queue was HUGE. So a quick call to my lovely sister at home home to book tickets on the Odeon website - so we could jump the queue by going to the self-service machine :D. Problem was, our film was already showing, so we had to book Get Rich or Die Tryin' just to get passed the barrier :P

December 12, 2005

Mrs Henderson Presents

This was a good little movie that's punching above its weight. It was only shown in the small screen at the Skydome last monday when I went to see it. It's certainly something different in a good way. Set around WWII London, Judi Dench plays Mrs Henderson, a bored widow who acquires a theatre (The Windmill), to keep her preoccupied as her hobby. Mrs Henderson comes from a high-class background and thus reguarly comes across as a unmeanily snobby lady - all in good humour though! She seeks the help of an expert Mr Van Damm (Bob Hoskins) who helps her run The Windmill, revolutionising the world of theatre on the way. The whole story is about Mrs Henderson and The Windmill, the friends she makes and her experiences along the way.

It is actually quite difficult to describe and explain this movie, you just take it as it is. Can't actually decide whether to give it 3 or 4. Worth a watch, if you can catch it.

October 14, 2005

Cheese again Gromit!

A great funny family movie. Nice to see the return of our favourite plasticine characters. Although for a Universal Rated movie, I was surprised at the existence of some very mild sexual references. How am I gonna explain that to the kids??? Ahem. Good friday afternoon movie for little William.

October 02, 2005

Defacing Pride & Prejudice

I'm glad everyone else liked it. I did try to keep an open mind whilst watching it, but I couldn't stop comparing it in my mind with the BBC adaptation. Compared to the BBC one, this movie was weak.

To be fair, condensing a Jane Austen novel (with her trivial and lengthy 2 page descriptions of a sofas) into 2 hrs isn't going to be quite possible. They did probably the best they could. I suppose DVD extras would end up about 6hrs long… and you should watch the BBC one in that case anyway.

There were problems with the characters. Mrs Bennet wasn't really that annoying. None of the actors were really that good looking (especially the dude: Mr Darcy). Lizzy and Jane were fine in that they were different because of the adaptation (which is fair enough). But Kiera Knightley has THE most annoying accent ever. The two oldest girls do seem to be much younger and less-mature, possibly creating a more convincing proud and arrogant Lizzy. Mr Collins was a nice refreshing insecure weirdo. And the Charlotte's social dilema was more revealing.
Mr Bingham was a total doofus, but very loveable. Mr Darcy (Matthew MacFadyen) had no presence on screen at all – he wasn't even arrogant! He had the charisma of a wet soppy dog. Colin Firth was much much better. Mr Darcy's character is the kind of guy every girl wants to be with, and every man want to be with him.

I did like their interpretation of how "poor" the Bennets were. Their farm estate, their clothes and carriage. In the BBC adaptation, they did seem to be unconvincing as a "poor" family. The music wasn't as good, the visual images weren't as good and the costumes weren't as good. Very nit-picking I know, but it can be enjoyable. Just watch with an open mind. It was funny though: Matt, Alistair and Hannah couldn't stop laughing at every joke.

September 08, 2005


4 out of 5 stars
This was a quality movie, well worth watching. Its a story of a world where DNA sequencing features heavily in society. Designer babies are the norm, and IDs are no longer relied on photos, but the double helix. It totally changes the way people are classed (but still suffers from class segregation between valids and invalids). The story follows the tale of a man, who was born naturally with "genetic defects" and classed as an invalid, who manages to fool the world (by using reverse CSI techniques) and takes his chances against the odds of having a weak heart, just to get to his goal. The movie explores the things that don' change despite a designer DNA world: fate, grit and determination.

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